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Feb 7, 2013 09:01 AM

Feedback for my Lafayette and New Orleans Itinerary. Feb 11th - 17th

This is a very unique trip for us as it combines a business meeting with Mardi Gras in Lafayette, go figure! Then 3 nights in New Orleans on our own. I have made previous posts and done lots of research, this is what I have come up with so far. Still need a few suggestions. We really want to stick with Creole/Cajun options.


Monday Feb 11 - Fly SFO - MSY land @2:30pm. We will be famished after flight. Go to Harbor Seafood for a fix. Would Kenner Seafood be better? Hit I 10 drive to Lafayette immediately for MG ball at 8:30 try to fit in tuxedo.

Tues. Feb 12th - Attending MG parade and having catered lunch. Tried to do Jolie’s LA Bistro for dinner but closed any suggestions for a Fat Tuesday dinner in LAF? Not sure what may be open.

Wed. Feb 13th - French Press for breakfast? Hopefully they will still serve Cajun Benedict on Ash Wed.

A scheduled Cajun Country tour to Avery Island etc. Need places I can request for lunch in Acadiana? I would rather have some great places in mind to suggest instead of their possibly touristy place. If their spot is on a go to list I will be happy. Dinner at Marcello’s a company dinner so what’s best to order.

Thur. Feb 14th - Breakfast French Press again? Other cajun breakfast suggestions welcome. Drive Lafayette to NO.

Dinner - Borgne. Then music in CBD or FQ .

Fri. Feb 15th - OK we have been to Galatoire’s twice before and we love it, so should we wait in line for Friday Lunch or wait till Saturday? We are thinking come late after 2:00 and just do some drinks and appetizers would that be a good plan?

Dinner Herbsaint. Then Frenchman street for music.

Sat. Feb 16th - May do Confederacy of Cruisers Bike Tour in am if weather is good. We could switch this with Galatoire’s lunch depending on weather. Want to do some Poorboys for lunch. Killer Po-boys sounds interesting but open to all suggestions we would prefer seafood to the roast beef options.

Dinner at Clancy’s. We have reservations but I read you want to eat in the downstairs room with the locals and not upstairs with the rubes from out of town, which we are. I will call in if it is a significant difference in experience.

More Music D.B.A. on Frenchmen has a great late night lineup. Can you just walk in to this place?

Sun. Feb 17th - Brunch Coquette. Pick up Sandwiches from Cochon Butcher for late flight home.

Thanks to all.

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  1. DBA will most likely have a cover for the late show on Saturday but it's pay at the door, absolutely. Note that you can pay the cover, get your hand stamped, and go elsewhere till the show gets going. That said, DBA has one of the better beverage selections in the immediate area and if you can snag one of the window seats it's fun to watch the human traffic on Frenchmen.

    Also, if you're scouting for music in the lower quarter area, don't overlook Buffa's.

    1. Eat quickly when you land Monday. You'll be hitting Baton Rouge traffic right around rush hour, and it's no fun.

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        Would it be better to take HWY 90, Map app only has it 15 minutes difference. I would rather be moving than sitting.

        1. re: scfinson

          While it's not faster I usually prefer Hwy 90 as there are fewer surprises, like getting across the I-10 bridge during rush hour or an accident on the Atchafalaya portion of I-10.

          I definitly take 90 if I'm going to New Iberia but the New Iberia to Lafayette section adds to the distance and time getting to Lafayette.

          That is a good list that poncedeleroy has given but I'd add Bon Creole and Brenda's in New Iberia. Both down scale but good

      2. "A scheduled Cajun Country tour to Avery Island etc. Need places I can request for lunch in Acadiana? I would rather have some great places in mind to suggest instead of their possibly touristy place."

        Well, if you're in Avery Island, you could try Clementine's in New Iberia or the Yellow Bowl in Jeanerette, or swing west to Abbeville for Shucks. Better investigate their hours since it's Mardi Gras decompression time!