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Feb 7, 2013 07:51 AM

Nicholas - Valentine menu

I just received an email from Nicholas touting their Valentine menu. Does anyone think it's obnoxious to charge $105 for the three course dinner AND then add $5 and $10 for selected entrees. Jeez. Talk about gouging. I understand that it's a place for special occasions, but the add ons are offensive?

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  1. I hate the jacked up prices for V-Day menus. Skip it and go on a regular menu day...

    1. Nothing say's "I Love You" like Valentines Day at White Castle! Make your reservations now!!

      No I"m not joking......White Castle has reserved seating with table clothes and table, waiter/waitress service on Valentines Day!! (There is another thread regarding this somewhere on Chains I's no joke!!!) Well I guess it is a bit of a joke but I'm not joking!

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          I've celebrated Valentine's Day at White Castle. I don't think any NJ restaurants were participating, we went to Yonkers with our in-laws. We had a reserved table with decorations, tablecloth, candles and a manager acting as a waiter. It was alot of fun & we were given souvenir mugs as a gift.

          It's so fun, I urge you to try it, at least once. Nicholas will be there another time.

        2. post deleted after reply from Nicholas below.

          1. OK. Sorry. Much ado about nothing. Here's the response from Nicholas.

            "These surcharges were errors and not meant to be included in our Valentine's Day menu. We have updated our website menu accordingly. Our sincerest apologies for the confusion."

            Warm Regards,
            Restaurant Nicholas

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              So did anyone go? If so how was it?

            2. Valentines Day, like Mothers Day and New Years Eve is reserved for culinary ameteurs, forced by conventional wisdom and Hallmark to pack the local restaurants, which are all too eager to use the occasion to pad their bottom line.

              I got takeout from Guido's...

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                Nicholas is a class act. While I too avoid eating out on holidays, Nicholas is one of the few places that I would bet could pull off a wonderful meal and service on a tough night.