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Feb 7, 2013 06:33 AM

Top 2010 Bordeaux still selling slowly, say US merchants

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  1. Yeesh are they surprised.
    The prices are extremely high and 2010 comes on the heals of a great 2009 vintage. Fwiw, I just went to the UGC for the 2010s and feel like, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the 2009s are/were better.
    I think there are enough uber-buyers, especially with the emergence in Asia, to snatch up the first-growths (as well as select other classifieds) and support the high prices. But I just don't think people are really going to stock up on the next tier down. Stuff like Canon at $140 and Figeac at well over $200 just aren't classic wines. At the same time it's a heavily tannic and backward vintage so the wines aren't to be consumed for another 5-15 years. Lastly, and very importantly, some of the lower end wines at say $30-50 seem to be very improved in 09 & 10. At 1/3 the price they offer very attractive alternatives in these vintages. I think a lot of Bordeaux drinkers are like me, buying more of wines that we didn't used to buy, and but a few of the upper priced stuff.
    Hopefully many of the Bordelaise will choke on a big supply of wine that isn't moving and adjust the pricing for future vintages.

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    1. re: john gonzales

      "At the same time it's a heavily tannic and backward vintage so the wines aren't to be consumed for another 5-15 years." - Oh I hope not. I tasted a 2010 barrel sample at Mouton in 2011 and from tank at a Bourgeouis Medoc producer and thought both were fruit foreward and delightful.

      I bought 2 cases en premieur and am expecting to drink them early (not received them yet - and no, it was from the second producer :)

      1. re: Gussie Finknottle

        I think the majority of the wines may have closed down. I had not tasted but a few before and a number of people seemed to feel the same way, that they showed better a year back. They are definitely not very fruit forward and many (esp the St. Em) are showing rough tannins. In general the 09s were both better and significantly more forward.
        I read the link of Suckling's scores. There is no way that Figeac or Palmer are 99 point wines. I thought the Palmer was very good, maybe 94-95, but the Figeac was a couple points below that and to me not a great wine. Conseillante was about the best I can recall since there were not first-growths, but not 98 point good and not worth $250.

    2. Americans are probably waiting for Parker to release his scores...

      Wine critic James Suckling has awarded 11 100 pointers in his review of the 2010 Bordeaux vintage as its release date nears.

      In addition, three wines were given 99 points and nine 98 points.