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Feb 7, 2013 04:47 AM

Yakitori Toriki

This yakitori place is one metro station away from the Tokyo Sky Tree. It is one of the favourites on tabelog. Like most Yakitori places, it is VERY packed at dinner time (it was already full when I arrived at 6), so if you are looking for a comfortable dining experience, it is definitely not your cup of tea. Also, there is only one chef (the owner), you got to wait quite a bit before your skewers arrive. Reservation is a must, I saw the owner turn down as many walk-ins as there are seated diners. To his credit, there is English menu and the owner carefully explains what was being served in English.

I ordered the set. 8 chicken and 4 vegetables. With the exception of the quail eggs which were dry and the chicken skin which was overcooked and chewy, all others were v good. The chicken breast was cooked to perfection, the inside was almost raw, the texture was tender. The chicken thigh (Kashiwa) was so good (tender and juicy) that I couldn't resist an encore. The chigimo chicken liver was a rare treat. The signature meatball was mixed with a bit of cartilage to give extra texture. Ginkgo nut was delicious. Eggplant juicy and shiitake mushroom fragrant. Rice is not included in the set. Ard 5000 yen spent.

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  1. This restaurant is called "Toriki", not "Yakitori Toriki", which is the name of another restaurant in another part of town. This place is in Kinshicho.

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        hello, can I ask you which one is better? the toriki kinshicho or the yakiniku toriki shinagawa one?