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Feb 6, 2013 10:11 PM

Where can I buy an older Kitchenaid mixer?

My Kitchenaid mixer (tilt head) is a bit more than 40 years old; I used it about 12 - 15 times a year. It is still in GREAT condition. My daughter wants one but I was reading reviews on Amazon and many of them are negative, that the newer ones are made poorly.

I'd love to find a gently used one like mine for her.

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  1. I don't know what year was the 'cut off' for when the 'good' KitchenAid mixers ended and the 'bad' ones began. Our KitchenAid was purchased in 1997 and it has held up well. However, I don't know where it falls in the 'good/old vs. bad'new' line of KA mixers. I have seen some KAs in thrift stores and on Craig's list, but I don't know the vintage of those machines.

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      It's pretty easy to tell the vintage ones, as the metal band with the KitchenAid mark has a Hobart logo somewhere on it, usually toward the back of the machine. I have a K5SS in my kitchen, the same kind my grandmother had, and it still purrs like a kitten.

    2. I have been able to find a couple of good old ones for my
      daughters on Craig's list, household, I paid $ 35 for one and
      it is still putting it's shoulder to the wheel, years later.

      1. The newer KA's are not made poorly. There was a phase in the KA line where select models had problems but that is no longer the case. If you are buying used getting a problem mixer is far more likely than buying a new KA IMO. This is especially true if you buy one from Costco with their killer return policy and price.
        If you really want used search e-Bay.

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          Do you know when that "phase" started and ended? Two of my daughters got married a few years appart right around 2002-04. My wife bought them both flip up KA just like the one she got back in the mid '80s. Both of these newer mixers are junk and have been for quite some time, although they are still marginally usable. The head on the older one moves so much the bowl and beater are all banged up. Until I see some proof that KA has the same quality they had when owned by Hobart, I'm not buying another one.

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            KA is never going to be like Hobart ...ever again. If you want a Hobart N50 expect to pay 2k plus or start searching for a very old KA. There's no reason you can't find the date range on the problematic KA's if you get your Goofle-Fu on. IIR the problematic models had plastic gears.
            I've used a KA in commercial kitchens for many years. They are not going to work for bread daily but for light duty commercial work they are fine.
            KA does indeed make a commercial model. It does not have plastic gears.


            FWIW This is the same wattage as the Costco model.

            1. re: mikie

              There is a screw you can tighten under the base near the hinge to stop head wobble. The hinge pin was sliding out on mine and head wobbling, this seemed to fix it.


              That may not be her problem, but it is worth mentioning.

            2. re: TraderJoe

              My twenty year old model works like a champ...I have a restaurant and I use it every day , now the new models are awful I go through 3 a year I return it and get a new one ...and I'm only mixing cake batters cookies and cream ..if you lift the lid on the new one you can see its all plastic old one is metal..when I called the company they said its not for commercial or restaurant use , then maybe they should take professional or commercial off the label!!

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                Where is this "lid" that you reference? I'd like to check mine out although it's probably four or five years old and works great. And I mostly grind meat with it...but that's a different thread :)

            3. There's a lot of useful discussion about KitchenAid mixers here:


              1. Costco will be your best deal, better than Amazon.

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                  My Costco (Reno, NV) has one for $200 and then a mail-in rebate for another $20. I got a refurbished one from Amazon that came with a full factory warranty. We have a second home and I was really tempted to get the Costco one. But then I'd want the meat grinder. And then the pasta maker. So not yet. Darn it.