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Feb 6, 2013 10:09 PM

Makansutra Malaysia 2013 - Outdated Entry :-(

After a recent trip to Kota Bharu, I was hankering for Kelantanese-style "khao jam" but wondering where to find one in Kuala Lumpur.

Anyhow, I bought a copy of Makansutra Malaysia 2013 from Books Kinokuniya last weekend, where it showed an eatery called Ulang Corner in Puchong serving "khao jam".

We drove *all* the way there, only to find that it's closed! Puzzled, I Googled and found out that it's been closed since May 2010 - nearly 3 years ago!!

All other food blogger reviews for Ulang Corner dated back to 2009 and earlier.

My question is: how frequent does Makansutra review and update its Malaysia guide?! Now, I'm not too sure how reliable are the entries in there, and how many are obsolete/outdated?

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  1. Now why would you trust Makansutra when you know you can't trust Michelin? ;)

    That's one more strike against Makansutra, failing to keep its publications up-to-date. It's one thing when you arguably fail to promote / demote on time, another thing completely when you fail to report closures.

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      Well, I sort of grew up with Makansutra Singapore, and was pretty curious to find a Malaysian edition here - although I should have been forewarned when Makansutra founder, KF Seetoh described Malaysia as "a great food city" (duh?!) in the intro section :-D