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Feb 6, 2013 08:58 PM

URGENT need info NOW for Burger,org on Chestnut

Does anyone know if they sell wings at this location? Thanks!

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  1. Ok while it is too late for dinner tonight, I'd still like to know if anyone can help. Please:)

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    1. re: ThePrettypoodle

      Why not just call them? At this point it's faster to call and ask then post on a message board and hope for an answer.

      1. re: avitrek

        I origionally posted late last night-hoping for an answer. It was too late to call when my husband and I decided we wanted them

        1. re: ThePrettypoodle

          I realize that about the first post. But not the second post at 630pm.

          1. re: avitrek

            This is a pretty moot point, but poodle your post makes no sense! You wanted them for dinner last night or tonight? If last night and it was too late to call, then how would they have taken your order? If tonight, why didn't you just call them when they opened? I am confused.

            1. re: marissaj

              Maybe she was strategizing her plans for the next day.

    2. They did start selling wings there a little while back, the report I heard is that they were terrible (I think most of their food is bad but this was from someone who generally likes the place). The kitchen is much smaller than the other locations so the quality of the wings there could very well be different.

      Tangentially -- this past Friday they were closed all day. Not sure if they are just taking Fridays off now or if something else is going on.

      Edit: their website actually seems to be improved these days. It says they are closed Fridays and does show wings on the Chestnut St menu. -- you have to click "order online" to see the menus, then when it prompted for delivery address I just clicked through without typing anything and it let me see the menus.