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Feb 6, 2013 07:07 PM

Best Coffee/Espresso by the pound?

Looking for some good coffee roasters around/in philly, I will be driving down from Doylestown.
I was gona buy a couple different roasts aprox a half pound each.
Just got a new 18bar espresso machine that i use twice daily ;)

Thanks people.

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  1. If you go to Nook on 20th St, they always have at least two local roasts for sale, One Village and ReAnimator, and I think they move through enough that it should be pretty fresh. BTW Nook has fantastic baked good, pick up a muffin while you're there. I am not a big fan of the way they brew coffee or espesso however.

    Then La Colombe's cafe is just a couple blocks away on 19th St to pick up their roasts--a good way to make sure it's fresh, it seems like many places leave bags of La Colombe on the shelf for months at a time.

    The other local roaster I know is Rival Bros, which operates a truck at 33rd & Arch. So hitting those three places in one trip shouldn't be too challenging and net you four local roasts. Check Rival Bros' hours first.

    Edit: There's also Old City Coffee in Reading Terminal. They roast their own beans I am pretty sure.

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      All that said--I haven't tried Rival Bros or ReAnimator but I do not think that One Village, La Colombe or Old City is good coffee, you may be disappointed. If you want great coffee beans pick up some PT's from Elixr or some Counter Culture from Ultimo. I think Federal Donuts has a custom blend from PT"s that they use and sell bags of.

      IMO it's no accident that the cafes with the best espresso in town do not use local beans. Ultimo sources all of their food, milk, etc. locally but not their coffee beans.

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        Awesome i will deff check them all out in the same trip. thanks @barryg

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          I just checked the website for Green Aisle Grocer on East Passyunk in South Philly and they carry La Colombe, One Village and ReAnimator, along with Stumptown and Blue Bottle (both Brooklyn) so that could be a good one-stop shop as well. I would call first, not 100% sure they website is up to date as they change stock frequently. This also put you just a few blocks from the Mifflin St location of Ultimo Coffee -- worth stopping to drink some coffee for sure and they sell Counter Culture as I mentioned.

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            La Colombe (Philly born n' bred) and Illy -- both used in the top Philly and NY restaurants.

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              I just saw Rival Bros at Plenty, just a block from Green Aisle.

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                I just got ReAnimator from Green Aisle on Saturday and they had at least one other "brand" but I don't recall whose it was.