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Feb 6, 2013 06:56 PM

4days in Coconut Grove any sugg?

We are foodies love all kinds price not a problem. Would love some local favorites as well as high end. Anything goes (especially love spice).

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  1. A list of my favorites in the Grove would have to include Panorama at the Sonesta Bayfront Hotel for its delicious Peruvian food and beautiful view of Biscayne Bay, and Jaguar for its pan-Latin cuisine and great assortment of ceviches. Also worth trying are Peacock Garden Cafe, Timo's at the Villa Mayfair, and La Bottega. And if you're in the mood for a burger, you won't find any better than at Lokal (27 points from Zagat – fourth highest of any restaurant in Miami). Enjoy your stay in the Grove!

    1. Do you have transportation? Some of us are not enamored with the food in the Grove.

      1. Coconut Grove is not exactly a dining mecca. Jaguar is good (esp. their ceviches), I hear good things about the burger at Lokal, I've also heard good things about Bombay Darbar (Indian). I haven't been to Bouchon du Grove in at least a decade and fear I may have romanticized it some in my head, though even so I only recall it being good not great.

        But mostly you'll be better off if you can get to out of there to eat and go to Downtown / Brickell, Midtown / Design District, or Coral Gables.

        1. Agreed....The Grove isn't a fine dining mecca....But nice to make your way there on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon while its relatively cool out.....Jaguar is a great choice (as previously suggested here)......Their ceviches are excellent as they're served on large spoons (asian style) and they have several you can try.....And their pan-latin menu is excellent....Their bar there is also attractive and has a good vibe when busy......

          Ft. Pierce, FL

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            Thanks to EMac for his always helpful posts... there's something about them... not sure what... but they're different from others... Always packed with good information... one of these days I want to have some of your Q... looking forward to that...

            Delray Beach, FL

          2. Thanks, Charlie! I'm like the "Red Neck Foodie"......I live in Ft. Pierce but work in Miami during the week.....from Homestead settled there in 1904.....

            There are some GREAT opinions here....Frod...TPigeon....ChowFather....FreakerDude and several others....Those folks REALLY know what they're talking about....

            Ft. Pierce, FL