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Feb 6, 2013 06:21 PM

Went to WIlson Farms for 1st time. It was great! What are some of your favorite things there?

Took a trek down to Wilson Farms to try a Honeybell, on CH rec. and it was a great experience. It's kind of like a food museum. Hubby even commented on how they have art gallery lighting on all the produce to make it look all glowing and tempting. Loved how all the peppers were lined up in rows, stems up, very photogenic...So far the strawberries and cut honeydew were the best I've had in a while. The zucchini bread was mild and tasty although a teeny bit dryish. Havent tried the citrus yet but those Honeybells weighed a ton, so must be juicy! Got 2 dozen gorgeous healthy looking fragrant mixed colors roses for 14.99. Tuna and potato salad for quick lunch was ok but a bit meh.. Looking forward to trying the other stuff we got.. The prepared foods were expensive so i was hesitant to dive into that yet. How are the croissants, donuts whoopie pies etc? any other must get recs? the people that work there were very nice and helpful too..

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  1. Glad you discovered it! In the fall, go for the freshly fried cider donuts!

    1. Their meats are great. They carry Brandt beef. Also they premarinated steak and turkey tips are excellent.

      The produce is really excellent. I like the setup when in season, there are blackboards clearly displaying which items come from the farm that week. The other imported produce is always top quality and reasonably priced.

      The prepared foods are pretty good. They usually have a couscous or quinoa salad which is worth picking up. Their pot pies are great and use biscuits for the crust. We have not liked the soups we have tried though.

      They have two kinds of challah in the bakery. I forget the brand, but the larger one is excellent, not too sweet.

      I find the packaged grocery section to be very over priced and avoid that.

      The garden shop is great and convenient as well.

      It's great if you can get there during the week. The crowds on the weekend are miserable.

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        if you liked the challah and are anywhere near peabody, go to Zuckers. They make the challah and you can buy it there fresh out of the oven , too hot to even touch. Bring some butter and its a moment of joy in your car...and its a few dollars cheaper..
        We were at Wilsons on a weekday and it was still crowded so thanks for the warning about weekends!

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          Yes, Zuckers is the one we like. I will definitely stop by and get a fresh one when I am in the area!

      2. You mentioned the honeydew - their cut melons (honeydew and cantaloupe) are almost always great regardless of season, and much better than the ones at Whole Foods, Russo's, etc. In general I find that their out-of-season fruits are better than the ones elsewhere. I got some blueberries there recently that were more than passable for something shipped 4000 miles.

        Their fresh-squeezed juices are great as well - actually squeezed on the premises and they taste like it. I like their cider donuts -- I usually get them in the fall when they're frying them fresh outside, but they're not bad even in the packages they sell inside.

        1. Bring a stretcher and smelling salts. When you're produce-deprived, it doesn't take much to push you over the edge.

          1. Glad you liked it. I like their eggs, which are grown locally. I'm not sure I believe the sign on the cooler in the front of the store that says "Laid today", but they are fresh and delicious. Also, their store-roasted peppers are delicious. They are a bit different, covered in oil and with skins on. The skins slip off easily if you don't like them, and the oil adds a nice flavor to pasta dishes. (Don't confuse them with the generic roasted peppers in the cheese section.)

            I agree with Gabatta that the soups aren't great, but they are good for a quick lunch at work and the tomato soup works well with grilled cheese for a quick mid-week dinner. Other than that, I don't usually buy the prepared foods since I've found them hit-or-miss and expensive.

            The cut winter squashes and other prepped produce are usually fresh and convenient.

            I've had good luck with things like peppers, tomatoes and baby Brussels sprouts in the reduced section, so it's good to look through that.

            As already mentioned, the weekends and pre-holidays are pretty crazy. There is another parking lot across the street and it's worth parking there and crossing the street if you're going at peak times.

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              Head to the barn beside the garden shop and you'll see where the eggs are laid, gathered and boxed up. The second floor houses hundreds of hens. Can't get much fresher. Watch out for the llama. She spits.

              Baked goods are a mixed bag and I'm usually disappointed by the products baked in house. Lots of stuff is outsourced including the scones. Don't care for the whoopie pie filling, the tooth coating Crisco-ish kind

              Buy the cookbook, a great bargain at $5.