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Feb 6, 2013 06:15 PM

Ciasa Mia?

I have never heard of this restaurant, but I ran across a very positive review online, and then saw it is ranked in the top ten on Tripadvisor Paris restaurants (not that I go to Tripadvisor for restaurant advice). The menu and the photos look very compelling, and I am considering giving it a try on an upcoming trip in a few weeks.

Does anyone have a firsthand experience at Ciasa mia?

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    1. I'm not sure I understand your comment...because it should be "casa"?

      In any event, this restaurant is ranked #4 on Tripadvisor with about 100 reviews; and it is not tucked away in some remote location on the outskirts or banlieu. I find it interesting because I have never heard of it, nor have I seen much, if anything written about it.

      And while Tripadvisor restaurant reviews are written by a significant cross section of people (not necessarily in a good way), and I do not really look to it for restaurant advice, the very high, near unanimous praise, is compelling. It is also near one of the places I am staying, so I might try it.

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      1. re: fishskis

        Yes Ciasa looks funny.
        TA is strange. A Parisian chef asked me if I'd ever heard of the Bistro Lorette; why I asked?; Because it's in TA's top 10,

      2. I'm not finding this list, Fishskis. Can you please link us to it? What comes up for me is

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        1. re: mangeur

          mangeur, I think this is the list that fishskis is referring to:

          Also I noticed this review of Ciasa Mia and was curious as well:

          1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

            Thanks, C.C. Well, John, the guy is into hay and straw. Sounds like a hipster destination to me. You better try this place out for us.

            1. re: mangeur

              Yes Ma'am. Will do.
              Oh no, cannot; it's Italian and as you know in France I don't do dinners or ethnic.
              But I may try the Bistro Lorette next week which is #9 on my TA.

              1. re: John Talbott

                However, I learned that it's only open at night so Margaret; - off to you!