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Feb 6, 2013 06:14 PM

Best Dishes 2013

I liked the 2012 best of thread, so I figured, it;s time for a 2013, or perhaps do one a month. So far here are my best dishes of 2013:
Louro: Gnocchi Romana
Rockmeisha: Pork Jowl grilled
Aqua Grill: falafel crusted salmon
Nish Nush: tomato harissa hummus
Mary's Fish Camp: Seared scallops with chickpea tagine, fayeh yogurt and harissa
Pepolino: Tuscan Osso Bucco
Sheng: Peel Noodle( knife cut)
Fukurou: fried baby aji ( i think the name is jinto in japanese but not sure)
Yunnan Kitchen: ribbon tofu
Quality Meats: Corn Creme Brûlée
Tito Rad's ( Queens) sizzling sisig
Katz's: Garlic Wurst ( aka Knockwurst, knobblewurst)

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  1. The dishes that really wowed me so far this year (only 4 since it's February):

    Eleven Madison Park: Lobster poached with citrus, tarragon, pickled daikon, and edamame
    NoMad: Tagliatelle with butter, lemon, pepper, and king crab.
    Jungsik: Smoked clam chowder
    Perla: Orecchiette w/broccoli rabe pesto & sausage

    1. Jungsik: foie gras
      Jungsik: octopus
      Blanca: uni, yogurt, brussels sprouts
      Blanca: pica
      Blacna: 85 day aged wagyu beef
      per se: sweet bread with black truffles
      masa: toro tartare with caviar
      wd-50: wagyu flat iron, mushroom jerky, grape, verjus
      wd-50: s'mores, bitter cocoa, meringue, black currant

      1. Minetta Tavern: cote de boeuf
        Hakkasan: dim sum

        1. gnocchi @Louro

          pastrami egg roll @RedFarm

          bottarga spaghetti @Il Buco Alimentari

          tarte flambee w/ hen of woods & monkster cheese @Modern Bar Room

          crispy pied de cochon @Benoit

          1. Calliope - Uni Toast, Scallop Crudo
            Mighty Quinn's - Brisket
            Rockmeisha -
            Crave Fishbar - Paprika Spiked Tuna
            Kanoyama - Spicy Miso Octopus