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Best Dishes 2013

I liked the 2012 best of thread, so I figured, it;s time for a 2013, or perhaps do one a month. So far here are my best dishes of 2013:
Louro: Gnocchi Romana
Rockmeisha: Pork Jowl grilled
Aqua Grill: falafel crusted salmon
Nish Nush: tomato harissa hummus
Mary's Fish Camp: Seared scallops with chickpea tagine, fayeh yogurt and harissa
Pepolino: Tuscan Osso Bucco
Sheng: Peel Noodle( knife cut)
Fukurou: fried baby aji ( i think the name is jinto in japanese but not sure)
Yunnan Kitchen: ribbon tofu
Quality Meats: Corn Creme Brûlée
Tito Rad's ( Queens) sizzling sisig
Katz's: Garlic Wurst ( aka Knockwurst, knobblewurst)

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  1. The dishes that really wowed me so far this year (only 4 since it's February):

    Eleven Madison Park: Lobster poached with citrus, tarragon, pickled daikon, and edamame
    NoMad: Tagliatelle with butter, lemon, pepper, and king crab.
    Jungsik: Smoked clam chowder
    Perla: Orecchiette w/broccoli rabe pesto & sausage

    1. Jungsik: foie gras
      Jungsik: octopus
      Blanca: uni, yogurt, brussels sprouts
      Blanca: pica
      Blacna: 85 day aged wagyu beef
      per se: sweet bread with black truffles
      masa: toro tartare with caviar
      wd-50: wagyu flat iron, mushroom jerky, grape, verjus
      wd-50: s'mores, bitter cocoa, meringue, black currant

      1. Minetta Tavern: cote de boeuf
        Hakkasan: dim sum

        1. gnocchi @Louro

          pastrami egg roll @RedFarm

          bottarga spaghetti @Il Buco Alimentari

          tarte flambee w/ hen of woods & monkster cheese @Modern Bar Room

          crispy pied de cochon @Benoit

          1. Calliope - Uni Toast, Scallop Crudo
            Mighty Quinn's - Brisket
            Rockmeisha -
            Crave Fishbar - Paprika Spiked Tuna
            Kanoyama - Spicy Miso Octopus

            1. Le Bernardin - surf and turf (roasted bone marrow, sea urchin, bacon bits)

              Per Se - carnaroli risotto with castelmagno cheese and white Alba truffle

              Picholine - roasted grouse with game jus and chocolate

              Jean-Georges - crispy confit of suckling pig, rutabaga pudding, smoked bacon marmalade

              Lincoln - lasagna with bechamel and beef and mushroom ragu

              Esca - grilled squid with risotto nero

              Perla - agnolotti with beef cheek and brown beech mushroom butter

              Junoon - octopus tandoori

              Ma Peche - fried chicken

              What were your favorite dishes in 2013?

              1. Miller's Near & Far: Szechuan chicken wings
                Pig & Khao: Fish ball tom yum soup
                Malai Marke: chicken tikka masala
                The Breslin: crispy octopus with tomato jam
                Zabb Elee: som tum Thai
                El Rey: ginger-plum Danish

                1. Alder - chilled egg drop soup

                  Cha-An - black sesame creme brûlée

                  JungSik - Arctic char

                  15 East - shrimp tempura

                  Masa - Ohmi beef

                  1. Ma Peche: fried chicken; fried Brussels sprouts

                    Betony: foie gras bonbons; chicken liver mousse; lobster

                    Jungsik: Thai lobster

                    American Cut: pastrami spice coated rib eye; potato latkes; Cracker Jack sundae

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                    1. re: ellenost

                      Question re Ma Peche: fried chicken

                      Can I have it solo for lunch? Its listed under large / share plates. Thinking about going in an hour

                      1. re: Ziggy41

                        You can have it solo but you'll have to take home leftovers (not a bad thing). The dish big enough for three people.

                        1. re: Ziggy41

                          Momofuku restaurants don't list prices, but approximately how much does the fried chicken large/shared plate dish cost?

                          1. re: deepfry7

                            The whole fried chicken (about 10 pieces) is $48.

                            1. re: deepfry7

                              half chiicken - $24 (available only during lunch)
                              whole chicken - $48 (availabe during lunch and dinner)

                              1. re: MarieLuncheonette

                                Is the fried chicken at Ma Peche similar to the versions at Momofuku Noodle Bar?

                                1. re: Riverman500

                                  No, it's quite different. The fried chicken at Noodle Bar is served 2 styles: 1) Korean style with a sweet glaze and 2) Old Bay spice with no glaze.

                                  The fried chicken at Ma Peche has no glaze and is somewhat spicy with habanero, coriander and black pepper; it's delicious! Love that I can order this without having to find 3 people that want to share the Noodle Bar fried chicken.

                                  1. re: ellenost

                                    Well, the plan today was to have a $5 soup for lunch, instead it was the half chicken and Brussels sprouts ($50 with tip) you all made me have. Awesomeness and awesomer.

                                    But I really should stop reading the board

                                      1. re: ellenost

                                        Not only that but its actually great value IMO. $24 chicken can easily feed 2 (but not enough for hungry 3). Same goes for the $14 sprouts. I'm a big eater and brought half of each home for the happy wife. She loved it but thought a tad too spicy for her. Still finished it.

                                        I should stop reading this thread before I start looking where to eat near the bankruptcy lawyer office. 2014 was a busy eating year

                                        1. re: Ziggy41

                                          You might want to try the roasted pork chop at Ma Peche. It's even better than the fried chicken.

                                          Uncle Boons - crab fried rice

                                          Jeepney - longga dog

                                          Hakkasan - XO scallop dumpling

                                          Momofuku Ssam Bar - fried duck dumplings

                                          Blue Ribbon Bakery - bone marrow with bacon bread & onion marmalade

                                          Cafe Hong Kong - salt & pepper squid

                                          Atlantic Grill - warm brussels sprouts caesar salad

                                          Applewood (Brooklyn) - seared scallops with caramelized apple & bacon

                                          Olea (Brooklyn) - Spanish pizza with manchego cheese, quince paste, & toasted garlic

                                          1. re: Scott_C

                                            That's another dish that I've been longing to try at Ma Peche(knowing that I'll be taking home 1/2 the dish too).

                                      2. re: Ziggy41

                                        We really liked the fried chicken at Ma Peche. Thanks for the recommendation.

                                        Another memorable dish was the veal brains grenobloise at M. Wells at MoMA PS1 though I forgot to take a picture.

                            2. Acme - morels with pork sausage and parmesan
                              Babbo - tripe alla Parmigiana
                              Ma Peche - fried chicken
                              Perla - crispy testa with pig's ear and cannellini beans
                              Jeepney - pinakbet salad
                              Maharlika - crispy pata
                              RedFarm - duck and crab dumplings

                              1. These posts are all ridiculously mouth-watering.

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                                1. re: Pookipichu

                                  C'mon, let's hear yours.

                                  Dollars to donuts you've got at least one dish from Hakkasan, right? :-)

                                  1. re: ipsedixit

                                    lol a list to rake over the coals? ;) ok

                                    There were many wonderful dishes this year, but these I'm craving (NYC only):

                                    China Blue: dong po pork wtih lotus buns
                                    Aquagrill: St. Simon oysters
                                    Wong: Stuffed squash blossom
                                    Ilili: Garlic whip (actually a condiment)
                                    M. Wells Steakhouse: onion soup with bone marrow
                                    Tori Shin: torisashi wtih fresh wasabi
                                    Mission Chinese: cumin lamb
                                    4 and 20 Blackbirds: salted caramel apple pie
                                    Malai Marke: lamb madras
                                    Cha An : green tea mochi
                                    Hakkasan: Peking duck (with the fantastic coconut panna cotta.)

                                    PS- The salt and pepper squid at Hakkasan is delish, better than Sea Harbour. :)

                                2. benoit: pied de cochon, cassoulet

                                  villard michel richard: mushroom feulliete

                                  ma peche: fried chicken (especially with the fried rice with lobster and coconut curry)

                                  bar boulud: pate grand pere with foie gras, truffle, and port

                                  pig & khao: sizzling sisig

                                  payard: buche de noel with chestnut mousse and poached pears

                                  1. Khao soi from Uncle Boons -- Wow'd so hardcore by this dish.

                                    1. I used to play golf with my father in law and his buddy. 2 old jewish dudes. His buddy would bring knoblewurst in a bag and hand it out during the round. It was delicious but made you hands so gressey. coincidentally they never had any extra napkins. I lost many $$ to those guys.

                                      1. My husband and I ate and drank so well (not that this is unusual for one of our many NYC trips) on our 4-day trip over Thanksgiving. Here's where we went: Ssäm bar, Txikito, Le Zie, Cafe Tallulah, Barawine, Marshall Stack, Motorino, Ushiwakamaru, Dominique Ansel, Le Bernardin, Lantern's Keep, and Yunnan Kitchen.

                                        But the dish I have been craving for the past 4 weeks is the spicy pork sausage and rice cakes at Ssäm. Wow. It was freezing the day we were there, which I think made the dish all the more amazing.

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                                        1. re: VaPaula

                                          I dont blame you. That dish easily makes my list

                                        2. okey doke, now that I'm pretty sure I will not have any more candidates...

                                          Ma Peche - Fried Chicken, Brussels sprouts ;)
                                          Ivan Ramen - Smoked Whitefish Donburi
                                          Betony - Short Ribs
                                          Ssam Bar - Spicy Sausages & Rice Cakes
                                          Maialino - Cacio e pepe (simple but addictive)
                                          Ippudo - Akamaru Modern (with egg)
                                          Nish Nush - Falafel
                                          Malai Marke - Chicken Xacuti (and Bindi Sasuralwali)
                                          Sakagura - Maguro Tartar
                                          Pure Thai - Wok Curry Paste with Pork
                                          Mercato - Trenette
                                          The NoMad - The Chicken
                                          Jungsik - The rice dish that comes for free for b-day boy ;)
                                          Costata - The Costata
                                          Louro - Octopus Bolognese (tie with monkfish)
                                          Mission Chinese - Kung Pao Pastrami

                                          Brooklyn special mention...
                                          Moldova - Mamaliga

                                          1. I didn't eat out in Manhattan as much as usual in 2013, and although I had many wonderful meals, two dishes stand out for me:

                                            Louro -- truffled pork and clams with Anson Mills polenta cake, tete de cochon, and summer truffle was my dish of the year. I hope the chef brings this back again in 2014.

                                            Lao Dong Bei -- cumin sliced fish (flounder)

                                            1. Le Bernardin: pan roasted monkfish with black trumpets, black peppercorn sauce, brandy

                                              Per Se: lamb with onion farci and chanterelles

                                              Picholine: agnolotti with apple, celery root and mascarpone, served with game bolognese and white truffle

                                              Lincoln: rigatoni with cocoa, boar sausage, dried cherries and walnuts

                                              Betony: sauteed duck breast with glazed cabbage and quince

                                              Carbone: linguine vongole

                                              Ma Peche: another vote for the fried chicken. I tried it based on the recs here and loved it.

                                              Momofuku Ssam Bar: I finally tried the bo ssam which lived to the hype. Also liked the popcorn cake with white chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauce.

                                              Le Philosophe: tournedos rossini

                                              Bistro La Promenade: pork chop with mashed potatoes and onion confit

                                              Lambs Club: quark cheese spaetzle with applewood smoked bacon

                                              Moti Mahal Delux: lobster masala

                                              Mission Cantina: carnitas taco with crispy jowl and pork crackling

                                              Mighty Quinn: spare ribs, broccoli salad with bacon

                                              Hot Kitchen: fried little buns with condensed milk

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                                              1. My favorite dish of 2013 was the Prime Rib Hash at S&W grill. Sitting at the bar and eating the hash with the poached egg on top and that hollandaise sauce it awesome.

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                                                1. re: princeofpork3

                                                  Just to be clear, is this hash different from the roast beef hash?

                                                2. Hanjan: ddukbokki (rice cakes) in spicy pork fat
                                                  Zabb Elee (elmhurst/woodside, I know, I know): the grilled pork neck
                                                  Bunker: banh xeo

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                                                  1. re: chompchomp

                                                    Keep hearing about Bunker. Worth the schlep from Staten Island? ;)

                                                    1. re: Ziggy41

                                                      I wouldn't say it's mind-blowing, but it's pretty good. You also might keep hearing about it because there are almost no decent Vietnamese restaurants in NYC, making this legions better than anything around. I really like the banh xeo and the carmelized shrimp.

                                                  2. foodwhisperer, does this mean you havent eaten anything good since Feb 6th? ;)

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                                                    1. re: Ziggy41

                                                      Ziggy, I have to admit I ate quite a bit since Feb 6.
                                                      More bests of 2013:
                                                      Uni Canvas at Recette
                                                      Tonsoku at Hakata ton ton
                                                      Jaeger Schnitzel at Blau Gans
                                                      Fried Oysters in Viet lemon pepper sauce at Pig and Khao
                                                      Tongue at Blue Ribbon Izakaya
                                                      Thai Crab pasta at Greenwich Grill
                                                      Garlic Wurst at katz's

                                                      1. re: MrGrumpy

                                                        Interesting list. I had the Piora carrots last week and I agree they are exceptional

                                                      2. I'm leaving off the 2012 favorites that I repeated in 2013.

                                                        These are the ones I still remember:

                                                        Murray's Cheese Bar: Funkmaster cheese plate
                                                        WD-50: Edamame gazpacho
                                                        Hearth: Pasta dish I whose name I don't recall but I still long for
                                                        Dirt Candy: Tomato tart
                                                        Beyond Sushi: Sweet angel wrap

                                                        1. scallion pancake - the cottage
                                                          crispy orange beef - shun lee cafe
                                                          fried chicken - blue ribbon
                                                          fried rice - red farm
                                                          szechuacn chicken - grand sichuan
                                                          mushroom pizza - serafina
                                                          chicken parm with fried salami - tratteria dellartiste
                                                          smores in a jar - the smith

                                                          1. Sea scallop with yuzu kosho, Sushi Nakazawa
                                                            Roasted chanterelles with purslane, egg yolk, bone marrow, Momofuku Ssam Bar
                                                            Lahmajeen, Ilili
                                                            Txipirones cooked a la plancha, Tertulia
                                                            Raw porcinis and grilled matsutake mushrooms with Parmesan vinaigrette, Esca
                                                            Traditional stewed honeycomb tripe with Italian tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano, Salumeria Rosi
                                                            French fries, Montmartre (under Tien Ho, no longer on menu)
                                                            Long beans with uni cream, Pearl & Ash
                                                            Hard body burger (two Meat Hook patties, two slices of cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, pickles, special sauce), Rippers, Rockaway Beach
                                                            Scallop skewer with miso butter, Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya
                                                            Bone marrow & brisket burger, tarentaise cheese, caramelized onions, Swine
                                                            Shortrib pastrami tacos with pickled cabbage and mustard seed salsa, Empellon Cocina

                                                            Outside NYC:
                                                            Lilikoi butter from the farmers market, Kihei, Maui
                                                            Squid luau on the Hawaiian foods plate, Mama's Fish House, Paia, Maui
                                                            Oshinogi course: medium rare steak, raw kampachi, uni, rice, shiso, Nanzan GiroGiro, Honolulu, Oahu
                                                            Seared chu toro tataki, Sushi Izakaya Gaku, Honolulu, Oahu
                                                            Lilikoi malasadasm lilikoi ice cream, lilikoi custard, lilikoi whipped cream, yogurt whipped cream, candied pistachios, lilikoi sauce, Chef Mavro, Honolulu, Oahu
                                                            Crispy pork carnitas, caramelized orange, pickled jalapeno, tomatillo fresca, Tortilla Republic, Poipu Kauai
                                                            Continuously Pappy barrel aged Negroni at Berkshire Room, Chicago
                                                            Binchotan course served on fire (seared tuna, pork belly, wagyu, shrimp head), Alinea, Chicago
                                                            "Cocktail" with ambergris, Billy Sunday, Chicago
                                                            5 hr cold smoked ribeye, Out of the Fire Cafe, Donegal, PA
                                                            Blueberry bourbon basil doughnut at Blue Star Donuts, Portland
                                                            Apizza Margherita at Apizza Scholls, Portland
                                                            Onsen egg, dashi sauce, truffle salt, homemade pickled garlic, O Ya, Boston
                                                            Foie gras with balsamic chocolate kabayaki and a sip of aged sake, O Ya, Boston
                                                            Deviled eggs with fresh tuna, olives, tomato, and herbs, Oleana, Cambridge, MA

                                                            1. fennel soup - Bar Pitti
                                                              shrimp fra diavolo - Il Mulino
                                                              various nigiri - Ushiwakamaru
                                                              lamb shoulder - St Anselm
                                                              lobster w/ XO sauce - Cafe Hong Kong
                                                              kung pao chicken when ordered right - Legend
                                                              spigola - Bar Pitti
                                                              papardelle w/ duck - Bar Pitti
                                                              roasted chicken - Casa Adela
                                                              inaka soba - Sobakoh