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Feb 6, 2013 05:58 PM

Pizza in Flemington

My M-I-L has lived in Flemington since the early 70's but has recently claimed that the pizza has gone downhill there. Anyone have any suggestions? She claims Franks and Gabby's are not up to snuff. Named a few others that i forgot. Please feel free to chime in

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  1. My first thought was Angelo's on Route 31N. I haven't been there for years so it may be one of the places that, according to your M-I-L, has gone downhill.

    Suggest she try Luna in Three Bridges, just east of Flemington. It got rave reviews from the Munchmobile folks a couple of years ago.

    If she's willing to go even further east, I would recommend Lucia's in Raritan (near Somerville). Be aware that they accept cash only and have really weird hours.

    1. Have you tried Capuano's on Church Street?

      1. I've lived in Flemington for almost 20 yrs and have been going to Joe's Pizza for most of those years. The guys who own it are terrific, as are the employees, the pizza is very good and I love the bread they use for their sandwiches.

        We tried Luna's once, way back when they first opened, but weren't thrilled. I really think we need to give them another try.

        1. My sister has lived in Flemington for 50 years and she thinks Joe's has the best pizza in town. I moved out of Hunterdon County 35 years ago, but I've had Joe's pizza on visits and it's better than most although the pickin's are slim up there these days. Used to be Smitty's (now Miller's) in Annandale had great pizza as did the Wonder Bar in Whitehouse. The latter is long gone and the former isn't as good as Joe's. That place in the old post office in Whitehouse Station was supposed to be great and I suppose the toppings are, but the crust is mediocre at best. In my opinion, DeLucia's in Raritan is still making pies the way they were 35 years ago and is head and shoulders above the rest although their location and hours probably doesn't help your M-I-L much. YMMV

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            Yes! I absolutely agree! DeLucia's is awesome but their hours drive me crazy.

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              Miller's in Annandale looks closed (at least it looks that way from Route 78). There's a big roll off container out front which makes me think there is some rennovation work going on inside. Anyone know?

            2. What? There's lots of great pizza in Flemington. Joe's on Commerce is my favorite for super cheesy plain pizza. I like Angelo's best for white pie. And for super thin crust, my favorite is Frank's on Old York Rd in Ringoes (not Frank's on Main St). For grabbing just a slice, I like Dominicks on Reaville Ave. If she wants to take a short ride, DeLucias in Raritan or Nicolas in Lambertville.