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Feb 6, 2013 05:35 PM

Fresh chorizo yyc

In search of fresh chorizo sausage. Does anyone make this in town?

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  1. I've heard Spolumbos does.

    1. Yes, I bought chorizo sausage at Spolumbo's about a month ago.

      1. I love Valbella's chorizo. You can get it at Sunterra's.

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        1. re: josey124

          I found it at Sunterra, although it is not Valbella's, just Sunterra made. Should work though!!

        2. Absolutely- the sausage place at Crossroads that's not Regina's. Nothing against Regina's, it's outstanding, but the other place (sorry I never pay attention to the name) has fresh, not just cured/smoked, sausage and they make a pork and a chicken, yes chicken, chorizo.

          If you're at Crossroads you might want to ask the very nice owners of El Mariachi Loco where they get their chorizo. It's completely authentic oily uberhot Mexican chorizo.

          1. Bought some yesterday at CFM, vendor near the NE corner of the building. Stunk up the car big time, think it's gonna be great in about 30 min in chorizo eggs Benny.