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Feb 6, 2013 03:18 PM

Asian grocery stores in the SGV

Doing some general research on Asian grocery stores. Which one has the best selection? And which one is the largest?

My bet is the 99 Ranch on Valley Blvd but that's just cause I hardly try the other companies.

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  1. I like the new 168 on Las Tunas.

    1. Largest is probably San Gabriel Superstore, if you include all the swap meet type stalls.

      Hawai'i Market might have the largest selection out of any Chinese supermarket in SGV.

      I think selection is all probably on par between the various 99 Ranch markets, 168 Market, Hong Kong Market and Arcadia Market.

      The Square and Shun Fat might lag a bit in overall variety, but each has things that the others don't given their Korean and Vietnamese influences, respectively.

      Quang Hoa is also a Viet-Chinese mix but I always find the selection there a bit lacking and the way they stack and organize their shelves reminds me a bit of a poor-man's Hawaii Market.

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        Most of the markets (i think other than ranch and 168) are influenced in some way/shape/form by chinese vietnamese, by ownership, partnerships, suppliers, wholesalers, etc. So products shouldn't be too different. I think most asian markets have 95% of the same stuff, then a small percentage that caters to the nearby demographic.

      2. Arcadia Market and Quang Hoa are the same (same company), I think they are the worst markets in the area. Never have stuff I need and often have numerous expired items just sitting on shelves.

        Hawaii is cheap but is ghetto

        99 Ranch and the 168's are related, and I find the selection generally good mostly because they're usually in the center of large cities, it also means their stuff is usually well stocked. Though I really miss the vons that was on new/valley where 168 is now.

        I don't go to sg superstore or their related shun fat markets for anything other than durian snowskin mooncakes when it's time. sg superstore may be huge, but their selection is average.

        HK supermarkets are nice, also usually as well stocked as nearby markets, but some things are a bit pricey. HK2 in west covina sucks though. I don't go there unless i'm eating at janty noodle.

        I think out of all the markets, I go to 168 and 99 ranch mostly because they're always well stocked and seem to have everything.

        1. We have enjoyed most of the Asian markets in the SGV and I agree with what the posters here have said. Usually, we search for who has the best produce. Market 168 has a lot of variety and usually their prices are quite good. 99 Ranch varies greatly from store to store, but also offers a good produce selection.

          1. The Shun Fat (or whatever they call it in Vietnamese) on Rosemead Blvd. in South El Monte might be the largest for actual grocery space.