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Feb 6, 2013 03:06 PM

Downtown Lunch Spots

I'm working out of Vancouver for a few weeks and was hoping for some help finding places to try for lunch. I'm working at Burrard and Pender and am willing to walk 5-10 minutes. I'm looking for places that are more take-out/quick lunch spot than fine dining (i.e. $8-10, in and out in 20 mins). So far I've tried Meat and Bread, which is awesome, and Fujiya for sushi (not the best, but very respectable for the convenience and cost). Considering that sushi and sandwiches are two of my favourite foods, I’d likely be ok just alternating between the two for weeks but I figure I should probably make more of an effort than that.

The next one on my list to try is Mogu, but after that I’m running out of suggestions that aren’t the typical food court type chains. Does anyone have any other favourites? Perhaps some nearby ramen, Thai curry, banh mi, or Mexican? I don’t really have any preferences in terms of cuisine, just looking for whatever is tasty.


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  1. La Taqueria: 322 W Hastings

    Joyeux Cafe & Restaurant: 551 Howe St

    Nuba: 207 W Hastings

    Finch's Tea & Coffee House: 353 W Pender

    Vancouver Community College cafeteria: 250 W Pender
    (don't take my word that you could be in/out in 20 mins, their lunch lineup can be long but self-service is pretty fast & efficient)

    Zero One Sushi: 559 W Pender St
    (a friend who works at St. Paul's hospital really likes that place, says sushi is v. decent)

    Urban Sushi: 562 Granville

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      I tried La Taqueria over the weekend. Great recommendation. The creamed corn and fish tacos were fantastic. The beef cheek and pork/pineapple tacos were likely good on their own, but seemed bland being on the same plate as the other two.

      Tried Joyeaux for lunch today and had the lemongrass fish on rice. Wow. The food was amazing and after looking at other people's dishes, I'm convinced that there are way better choices on the menu. I'll definitely be back to try a few more.

    2. Pita Wrap Cafe
      Cheap and delicious Mediterranean
      565 Dunsmuir St

      If you head over the the art gallery, there is usually a cluster of food carts as well, most are very tasty!

      1. Anatolia Express at the north side of Convention Centre west.

        1. I also think there is a Mexican food cart that parks near the conventon center called Arturo's -- never tried it though.

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          1. re: kati3

            It's usually at the NE corner of Cordova and Howe. I haven't tried it either.

            1. re: Anne M

              I have, last summer. Sadly, binned the item after one bite. YMMV.

              1. re: grayelf

                Wow, what a shame given the scarcity of food cart licenses.

          2. Miyako sushi (829 W. Pender) is somewhat decent. Definitely better than Fujiya. It's more of a sit down but if you go before 11:30 you can be in and out in 20 mins.

            I second Joyeux for Vietnamese - again go early.

            Arturo's sucks and is closed anyway. If you don't mind the walk definitely hit up La Taqueria as previously mentioned.

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            1. re: waylman

              @OP: I should note I've only been to Joyeaux Cafe once and I was not on a work schedule per se that day. So for you it may be a bit of time squeeze in a 20-min window. They're popular and the space is small and the ambiance is chaotic. You could call ahead to order for pick-up.

              1. re: waylman

                [smacks forehead] .... I almost pho-gotten about Ha Long Bay, on Pender just west of Homer. Hole-in-wall place, solid pho IMO. Pretty good banh mi too but I find the bun heavier than other places.

                And The Sunshine Cafe is next door if you ever feel like a greasy-spoon lunch.