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Feb 6, 2013 02:33 PM


Has anybody been to Reds on Adelaide Street? I ask because we want somewhere which will seat us for dinner this coming Saturday at around 11.00pm and Reds is one of the few we've looked at which will do so. However, any advice as to to whether to give it a try or give it a miss would be much appreciated..

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  1. give it a miss...i don't find it appealing at all...service borders on bad hotel service and the 'top chef' menu is bland, bland, reads well as upscale bar food-but doesn't deliver. its still packed with business guys at 3 in the afternoon though...

    1. Meh. Good place for after work drinks, but the bar menu is only there to keep you from getting too tipsy from the booze, IMHO. I have not tried the proper dinner menu, however.

      1. No doubt Reds has changed over time and gone downhill. The question in my mind is who else is going to seat you at 11pm for dinner? And if they do take you what kind of experience are you going to have service and food wise from people whose night has basically ended and are just being kept around because of you. Not that 7 west is some culinary mecca, but wouldn't a late night restaurant be a better choice?

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          Apparently Earls on King serves food until 2am and takes online reservations with a last seating time of is located near red's, similar food/vibe but nicer looking staff....and a ton of cabs outside...

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              last October.
              Not sure if the above reviews post-date the revamping - dubchild's seems to be post-reno.

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                i went before and after and dislike it now.

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                My comments were for post-revamp. I actually preferred the bar (and food) pre- redo

            2. Does it have to be downtown? The late-night Danforth thread below says Pizzeria Libretto takes 11pm reservations. Barring that, there's always Chinatown...I'd rather have a fun casual meal than a crappy Bay St fake high-end.

              1. I've been to Reds several times since the revamp and I think it is fairly straight-ahead in the sense that it doesn't pretend to be innovative or very high end but everything I've had has been generally as described in the menu and pretty ok. Service is not the best but again, liveable.

                My pick for an 11pm reso in that area would be Origin.

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                  Just have to follow up on my earlier post - was at Reds the other day and made the unfortunate mistake of ordering the caesar salad, which was truly horrible. It was comprised of many many giant leaves of romaine, only the bottom half of which had any dressing at all, and zero flavour. There were some grey/purple lumps in it that I think were supposed to be ham but tasted sort of like onion and had the texture of wilted lettuce. It was plated so as to be virtually impossible to eat, not that you would want to anyway. The rest of the lunch (I had the beef tenderloin) was good but I would avoid this salad at all costs.