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Feb 6, 2013 02:23 PM

Budget Friendly and Kid Friendly in Ft. Lauderdale

My husband, my 20 month old, and I will be going to Ft. Lauderdale in April, and I'm looking for must-go-to restaurants that are budget and kid friendly. My DD does well in restaurants, but I don't want to take her somewhere that wouldn't "want" her there. Non-chains or local chains only, please! Thank you!

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  1. I assume this is a vacation. Where are you coming from, where are you staying, and what do you like? That may help us figure out what would work for you. I don't eat often in FL on the cheap but three reasonable kid friendly places that come to mind are:

    Zona Fresca - Great local mexican chain (3 restaurants)

    Tarpon Bend - Seafood bar with outdoor seeting and a short walk from the Museum of Discovery and Science.

    Hot Dog Heaven - On Sunrise. Hole in the wall hot dog place. The fried salami sandwich is killer.

    1. Yes, this is for a vacation. We're coming from Ohio and staying at the Pelican Grand. We aren't too picky, but no where too spicy (or at least have some non-spicy food...I like spice, husband doesn't). I'd love to try some local food or anything unique. I don't mind driving a little ways, especially since our hotel isn't too close to anything.
      Those 3 sound good. We love Mexican, but probably don't get a lot of REAL Mexican in Ohio! Seafood is a favorite, and hole-in-the-wall places are great. Thank you! I'll look into these!

      1. I would look through these links of recent folks asking for budget places in FLL...

        Then pick 3 to 5 that sound interesting to you... then post again and we can talk more about kids, still open, hours, etc.

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        1. Coconuts on A1A just south of Las Olas Blvd will fill the bill perfectly...Outdoor deck on the water, very kid and pet friendly and reasonably priced. Great for brunch, as well.