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Feb 6, 2013 01:36 PM

Nix Burgers in Uptown Charlotte has closed?

I was told that Nix officially closed and that LaVecchia sold it to another company that will reopen - still selling burgers. I believe LaVecchia is down to one last restaurant in town (City Smoke), and that is not doing so well either. Any local hounds have the scoop on what's going in the old Nix?

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  1. Apparently on their FB page it says that Cowbell Burger Bar is going in that very location created by Leroy Fox Kitchen and Mortimers Cafe and Pub. I have never been to any of these locations so I wonder how it will turn out.

    1. Burgers are a bad choice for that spot. The place should operate like a cafeteria for Fifth Third and Bank of America. No one wants to weigh themselves down with a burger at lunch and then go back to work. What I would give for a salad bar place like the old Spratt's in Founder's Hall.

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        I loved Spratts - especially their soups. Hardly any downtown establishment makes a good variety of soups in house