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Feb 6, 2013 01:04 PM

Ribs at Taylor's Place in St. Louis

I was recently in St. Louis. Found some great stuff, like Nasiib (3445 S Grand; 314-664-4143), a great Somali; great Aussie meat pies at The Silver Ballroom (4701 Morganford; 314-832-9223), and magically over-achieving short order work at The Buttery Restaurant (3659 S Grand Blvd; 314-771-4443), I came up short on ribs.

I didn't even look at the big box rib places downtown. I did make a pilgrimage to legendary Roper's Ribs in the north, but found them really really mediocre (good snouts, though).

I did spot one out-of-the-way place that looked like it could be good: Taylor's Place (4064 S Grand Blvd, 314-457-0130), but it was closed when I got there.

Has anyone tried it? If not, is anyone willing to take one for the team?

Also, if you haven't tried the mashed potatoes at Schlafly Tap Room, you've missed something great. Waxy and al dente, with magical faux-brown sauce (it's a long story).

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  1. No offense, but why not go to Pappys or Bogarts? They are the best in the city.

    I cannot find any listing or mention of Taylors on Google other than your post and blog. Are you sure they exist? I have never heard of them.

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      Not offended, just completely baffled by your logic.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Lol. Why baffled? Have you been there? You refer to Ropers as "legendary". I have lived here all of my life. They are in no way a legend or if they are, they are the quietest legend I have never heard of. It does not surprise me that you were underwhelmed. I repeat. If you want great ribs in St. Louis, go to Pappys, Bogarts, Sugar Fire Smoke House, Shaved Duck, Picadilly at Manhattan or PM.

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          Ropers?? Newer heard of it but have been enjoying Sugarfire - and its in my nabe ;-)

    2. I was curious and called there. No answering machine and no answer...

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        They obviously keep strange hours. When I went by there, I asked a neighbor, and said that they're doing business. And if you look in the gate, you can see it's definitely a finished place.

      2. What do you mean by "big box". I have only heard that term in reference to big super stores.
        The rib places I mention are hardly big super stores. Are you referring to somewhere in particular?

        1. Jim, I've never heard of it, but I promise to put it on my try-to-find-out-about list and get back with you. Contrary to popular belief, I don't really think that St. Louis has traditionally been a big bbq destination in the past. (Kansas City kicks our butt in that area). There were always a few good places, (often in areas where your mom would rather you didn't go), but the best 'que was to be had on a service station parking lot on Sunday afternoon or at the VFW Hall on Thursday nights. Pappy's and Bogart's have really brought back an interest in barbecue as a real restaurant option, and other places are falling in behind, and a couple of local publications have written up some of the new places in town...we're getting there. Like most St. Louisans, I maintain the best ribs & pork steaks in town are found in MY back yard! I'm going to have to try Nasib and the Silver Ballroom...the Buttery is a neighborhood institution, the bald guy who was likely sitting at the counter is my brother. Do they still allow smoking? I think that is why he loves it there...either that, or one of those servers is pretty. And likes bald guys with Harleys.

          1. I've eaten BBQ in some of the legendary and newer places from Peoria, through KC, Memphis on down to Lockhart and I would put Pappy's and Bogarts ribs up against any of those places. Brisket can be a little more finicky but again both of these places are up there at the top. I'm not as big on pulled pork but again these places are close to the top. PM BBQ is really good but 2nd tier on a national basis. I've not had any other BBQ locally in the last few years since PM is close by and Pappy's and Bogarts can't be beat if I want to drive a bit.