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Feb 6, 2013 12:53 PM

Fremont - 3 days with a vegetarian in tow

I'll be in Fremont next week with and we have one in our party who's vegetarian (eggs/milk products are okay.) We often find common ground in Asian food, so I'm sure nobody will starve. I'm wondering if there are any good Dim Sum options that have more than 2-3 vegetarian dishes? Three is typically the max you'll find at a Dim Sum place in the Dallas area.

Will drive to SF or wherever.

Any non Asian suggestions where vegetarians and carnivores can enjoy a meal together would be welcome too.

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  1. Yank Sing's the only dim sum place I'd be comfortable sending a vegetarian, except for the vegetarian places, which I think are all pretty bad.

    If you're in Fremont, maybe Chaat Bhavan. It's vegetarian but lots of meat eaters like it.

    Relevant topics:

    1. Salang Pass (Afghani)

      Not exactly 5* ambience but food prevails...
      De Afghanan Kabob House
      Pizza & Curry
      Shalimar (great tandoori items & biriyani- others range from okay to good; can be oily)

      1. QQ NOODLE

        Went there last night. The only reason I drive to fremont. Strip mall. Great, great noodles. Plenty of veg and non-veg options. Second visit we better than first because the kid on duty recognized us as "those white people who show up on the late side and slurp their noodles correctly" and I think we got Chinese Food Chinese Style, a decided step up.

        Agree that I would _never_ send a veg to dim sum. You just don't know what you're getting unless you order off the menu - and even then.

        Y*lp lists a lot of felafel choices, and a lot of veg indian choices. I haven't been to any of them, though. Dosa Hut, Mr Kebab, Krishna, Woodlands, Dosa Place, the list goes on.

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        1. re: bbulkow

          What were the differences in the food the second time at QQ Noodle?

          1. re: hyperbowler

            The first time, I got the "spicy beef noodle soup", and there was almost no spice or ma la. The second time, I got preserved greens pork, and there was a healthy dollop of spice and some ma la. Not enough spice to be overwhelming, but enough to mix well with the salty taste. I liked the noodles better the first time, though - the type of noodle in the spicy beef noodle is the rounder chewier noodle, instead of the flatter noodle.

        2. Oh - "will drive to SF or wherever" - Fremont to SF is a _slog_. It's about the worst drive in the entire bay area - if you eat around 6pm, it could easily take an hour and a half to get to SF.

          Your best eating destinations are in Oakland (like Enquentro, a veg-only place I really like and I'm a certified meat-lover; like Piazziolo, which has the area's best thin crust neopolitan pizza; do some research), Alameda (like Burma Superstar), and Palo Alto/Menlo Park, which is right over the Dumbarton Bridge and thus about 20 minutes each way. Good indian eats at Amber India, Burmese at Rangoon Ruby's, veg-heavy californian at Flea Street Cafe.

          And, how can I forget, the McCarthy Ranch Shopping Center (barber lane shopping center?). It's right at the corner of the 237 and 880 freeways, and it's a very authentic spread of "ethnic" food. My favorite place is the Chettinad Indian place - Anjappar. The chances that you've had good chettinad is unlikely. ABC Seafood has dim sum, Mayflower is reputable, but there are easily 100 restaurants in that cluster.

          Search those areas on the board, see if you see anything you like.

          I would really skip almost all the asian places, like the viet places, unless you really do think "ox pizzle soup with extra blood" is a compromise [ bun bo hue an nam ], Korean places (7 kinds of beef), Chinese places ("vegetarian, you eat pork, ok?"), with maybe the exception of Japanese places (always some good noodles on the menu).

          If you really want dim sum, I think a good option would be Tai Pan in Palo Alto or East Ocean in Alameda. You can look at Tai Pan's menu online and see if you like how much veg. I find the place a little tame and staid but it does have good food. They will make sure your veg is really veg.

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            Completely missed the SF part as well...

            Second RL's suggestion of Yank Sing. It's a destination restaurant for anyone and hard to beat their veg. selection. Validated parking too.


          2. Chat-Patta Corner. So good, and all vegetarian. Very casual.