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Feb 6, 2013 11:32 AM

Seven Lamps?

Has anyone been there? I read about it on eater and was intrigued.

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  1. I really enjoyed a recent visit to Seven Lamps. It's a great late dinner alternative to H&F. Many small plates to choose from and a nice cocktail program. Loved the Duck Confit as well as the lobster roll (the bun is more like bao)

    1. Yes! It is really good. We ordered a bunch of small plates for our group. My favorite was the smoked beat salad. It was amazing!!

      1. We enjoyed it as well - interesting charcuterie (i.e. macaron with whipped mortadella), a really nice duck confit, a twist on a lobster roll using a bao style bun, crisp cottage fries along with an interesting cocktail program.

        1. I finally got there last week and loved our food. My mouth is still watering for the mussels...mmm. And I am not a cocktail person, but read some really good reviews of their options and decided to try one of their signature martinis. I'm so glad I did! Definately a place I want to return to - good food in a fun, casual atmosphere.