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Feb 6, 2013 11:07 AM

chocolate/cocoa butter transfer sheets

This morning I find myself short, by a few transfer sheets, for a project I would like to complete today. Does anyone know if someone in town stocks them? I've never specifically looked but I don't recall seeing them either.

I'll check with Home Cake Decorating. Any other ideas?

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  1. I managed to make enough transfer sheets to get me through the day (although not as nice as printed ones). I guess Home Cake does carry some at $8+ a sheet. I'll order more online tonight - unless someone responds with another option.

    But now I'm out of Cocoa Butter (food grade) does anyone have a good source for that?

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    1. re: cburnsi

      Eight bucks a sheet? That's a bit much!

      Are you familiar with the Chocolate Man? I'm not really, but he has a store now and seems to have a few transfer sheets, oh, and look, cocoa butter! Doesn't look like he carries colors, but you never know.

      Otherwise, Chef Rubber in Las Vegas has a wide array of cocoa butter colors and decent transfer sheet selection. I stock up from them during the colder months so I don't have to worry about shipping from the desert in the summer.

      I don't know of anyone else locally (besides my wholesale sources), would love to know if there are more options.

    2. Chocolate Man in Lake Forest Park (just up Lake City Way before you get to Kenmore) has tons of transfer sheets- you can buy by the pack or individually and they are WAY cheaper than Home Cake. He's got a huge selection. He also sells cocoa butter and colored cocoa butter for embellishing and airbrushing. Just recently, he put in a small freezer and sells tubs of French fruit purées if you're into pâté des fruits.

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      1. re: chococat

        This is great! I am familiar with the Chocolate Man (I used to think about renting a tempering machine from him) but I hadn't heard about the store front. I'll actually be out that way tomorrow and will stop by.

        Thank you both for your assistance!