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Feb 6, 2013 10:38 AM

4 nights in Vancouver in April

Hello everyone, I'm new to this board but absolutley LOVE chowhound for all of the great info.

My husband and I are taking a quick trip to Vancouver the first week of april for our anniversary and I'm wondering what's new and exciting in the amazing culinary world up there. We have been 4x but haven't been in 4 years so I'm sure much has changed as have we.

I have recently found out that I am gluten intolerant so that changes things A LOT for me. We eat mostly vegetarian but sometimes eat fish when we're on vacation in places like Vancouver.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Our preferred dinner price range is 75pp.

Thanks so much.

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  1. Much has changed around here in the last 4 years. More Mexican fare, lots more street food carts/trucks (actually there weren't any 4 years ago, not counting hot dog carts), lots more Shanghai and Szechuan fare, many old-school fine-dining institutions have retired. And the recent waves of fads like taquerias, gourmet sandwiches, BBQ/southern fare, cocktails, fancy donut$, hamburgers that have hit other N. American cities also hit us too.

    'Tho I'm not a vegetarian, there have been a recent renaissance of sorts with "finer-dining" vegetarian/vegan venues (ie: batik attire not mandatory for customers nor staff.... wink). Here's a glimpse (mind you many of the listed are not 100% vegetarian/vegan):

    This is the gluten-free list:

    With your stated pp budget, you can quite easily enjoy very good meals at:

    Bandidas Taqueria
    The Foundation

    Just to mention a few.

    Here's some good reads:

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      I would avoid The Foundation - I find the service to be quite repugnant and the food mediocre at best. Hit up The Parker on Union St instead for a real treat.

      I second Nuba and Acorn.

      The pourhouse has a couple really great options for you (cauliflower "steak, several fish dishes) and the drinks cant be beat.

      The brunch at both Edible Canada and Medina are both outstanding and should be able to cater to GF/V/PESC

      1. re: kati3

        Edible Canada looks amazing :)

        1. re: vegan73

          I enjoy their store for local goodies to take home, but I can't recommend the restaurant food there. IME it is overpriced and doesn't live up to the descriptors on the menu.

          I'm keen to try the Parker though I have to wait till the 16th to do so -- might be worth a look for the OP. I hear they recently started brunch service as well.

          I had another delicious gluten and meat-free dish from Le Tigre on Saturday at the Farmers Market. Their warm brussels sprout and cauliflower salad is a bit of all right too. And I just discovered they are at Granville and 10th on Monday as well as Friday, woot. Check the website for locations on other days.

          1. re: grayelf


            Curious what your meal was there? Both dine out and brunch were outstanding.

            The brunch was massive with house cured bacon, duck fat frites and smoked fresh cherry tomatoes. Dine out was also very tasty. Had Leg of Elk with cheesy grits and fishermans pie. The elk blew the fish pie out of the water but it was still very good, maybe just a little too big for myself.

            I like that their menu's change with the seasons and I find the food quality and portions good value for the money, especially when they have set menus.

            1. re: kati3

              I am curious as well as I have been to Edible at least a dozen times and it has been outstanding each and every time.

              Over 80% of their menu is Gluten Free (I am celiac) with items I rarely see like fish and chips (cooked in duck fat), french toast, etc.

              I know they changed chefs about 2 months ago and the food just keeps getting better and better. The service is always exceptional and I never hear anything but great experiences from friends I send as well.

              i would highly recommend checking it out.

              1. re: VanDine

                I've been four times for meals since they opened but not in the last two months so that may be the key. Quite lacklustre all four visits, though back at the beginning the takeout fries were very good.

                I do know that they've always catered to the gluten-free market which is great as so many people look for that these days. I've just been disappointed in the food itself, and we got pretty terrible service the last time we went as well. The setting is quite lovely and there is nowhere else I wish to go on GIsle for a sitdown meal so I want to love it but four tries is more than I usually give anywhere. New chef means another chance, so thanks for that intel.

                1. re: grayelf

                  My SIL and her mum had a great lunch at Edible Canada on Friday. They shared a salad and a pork based sandwich, neither of which are on the out-of-date online menus, but really enjoyed both and found the portions even shared to be more than adequate.

            2. re: grayelf

              I would also recommend The Acorn - amazing GF and vegetarian dishes!

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Yes, can I add yet another recommendation for the Acorn? You can't book a table, unfortunately, but it's well worth staking out a spot there. I don't think I've ever had a single bad bite of food in that place, and I've had more than a dozen of their dishes.

            Get there early to nab a spot, after a walk and/or shop along Main Street!

          2. Bit of a shame you won't be here a month or so later as May is a pretty good time with the Spot Prawn festival, fiddle heads, sea asparagus and morel mushrooms all great local fresh favs. I'll have to bow to the others as my Van vegetarian isn't up to date. :(

            1. I happen to like Twisted Fork, downtown on Granville Street. Small, dynamic room; local-focused wine list. If you eat cheese and seafood, then there is lots of variety. Just check whether a meat stock has been used in the sauce for your particular choice. "Interesting" neighborhood, too.

              1. No one has mentioned Heirloom as a newer veggie option?

                Other veg favourites of mine are Chau VeggiExpress and Saravanah Bhavan... but they are probably a bit out of your way.