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Feb 6, 2013 10:27 AM

Your favorite arena foods?

What are YOUR favorite arena type foods?

Background to this question: We have season tickets to the Colorado Avalanche (NHL hockey). Now that the season has finally started, I've obviously been going to a lot of games, most of which are after work, but without enough time to eat somewhere else before the game. But, I've been at a loss of what to eat at the Pepsi Center. They have the usual arena type foods (hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, pretzels etc), and then some specialty places like Arby's, a place that does BBQ foods, and a place that does "melted" sandwiches, like fancy grilled cheeses. There are also snack carts that have seasoned/sugared nuts and churros (which are my favorite).

Tonight is the 3rd home game in 5 days, so I'm getting a little tired of having a hot dog for dinner. I'm generally a healthy eater but I'm pretty much figuring nothing they offer is healthy, so I'm just looking for inspiration to try something other than a hot dog... so I'm interested to hear what you eat when you go to sports events.

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  1. I bet you sure are glad hockey's back :) How cool that you have season tickets!
    Because I used to be a worker ant in an arena (it takes a village...), I got real tired of the food. My tactic was to try to eat what I could before I went, and then just grab an ice cream, sno-cone or some of those sugared nuts later on. I'm not sure if this would work out for you, but it might keep your tummy from feeling bogged down.

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    1. re: alliegator

      I'm mostly glad, although I was kind of looking forward to getting my SO to do some stuff around the house between football and baseball seasons, but that's all out the window now that hockey came back :)

      Yeah, unfortunately I don't really get a chance to eat before I get there. I get off work at 6 and it's usually 30 minutes to an hour to the arena (depending on traffic, if there's an accident, etc), and the games start at 7 or 730.

      I guess I wouldn't mind the hot dogs so much if they were the roller kind, but they have the steamed kind, already in bags.

    2. So I wandered around tonight and saw they had more options on the opposite side from where we sit. There's a place that sells loaded baked potatoes, and another with carnitas tacos, so I'll have to try those. Tonight I had some chicken fingers and fries but they were underwhelming.

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      1. re: juliejulez

        I've had baseball season tickets off and on for many years. I'm a big fan of the baked potato -- if I wanted something that felt substantial I could have it with chili, if I wanted to feel healthy, I could have it with broccoli, etc. Now they've moved the baked potato stand to a place that's less convenient, and I've been going to fewer games, so sometimes I "treat" myself to concession foods I would normally never eat: nachos, popcorn chicken and fries (with ranch dressing!), etc.

        At most baseball parks you're allowed to bring in food, so I can bring my own. For arenas -- especially for events with big sheets of ice where people are bundled up -- I do recommend the big coat pockets technique, which has served me in good stead for many years.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          The baked potato is probably on my "to eat" list next time I go.

      2. Large purse.

        Tightly-wrapped sandwich placed at bottom. If intensive security, wrap in paper that has "TAMPONS TAMPONS TAMPONS" printed all over it.

        Hell you could probably smuggle in a spiral ham with that wrapping.

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        1. re: DuchessNukem

          Bwahaha I love that idea. I don't usually bring in a bag but I do wear a golf type jacket with lots of pockets, which is UNDER my outer coat which is voluminous in style with large pockets....and they never check me since I don't have a bag. I should start thinking of what all I can sneak in. Or a flask since I have zero interest in drinking $7 beers. No need to eat if I get myself tipsy haha! Although every other game we're up in the upper level and it's steep, maybe liquor isn't such a good idea.

        2. Glad you saw a few other options. I see that you mentioned Arby's. They have those Market Fresh sandwiches and wraps, maybe give them a try? Loaded potato sounds kind of tasty, too.

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          1. re: alliegator

            Yeah I thought the potato sounded good, nice and warm.

          2. At Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, they have the best chicken fingers I've ever had. Normally I think chick fingers are a plebeian choice, but these were moist and juicy. They also do free refills on large popcorn and soda pop, which is probably the best deal on concession food I've ever had.

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            1. re: charlesbois

              We nearly always eat an early dinner before a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. One could go broke eating a meal at Air Canada Centre prices. There are salads, sandwiches and sushi to be had, along with the usual popcorn, hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts, ice cream bars, candy, pizza slices and subs. I'd choose sushi or a smoked meat sandwich.

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                Yeah it's definitely not cheap at Pepsi Center either! They do have a bbq place with like pulled pork and stuff like that, but a sandwich is like $13-14. Once you add in a bottle of water for around $4, that's nearly $20 for dinner... not in my budget if I'm going to do it often.

                Thankfully tonight I was relieved of my hockey watching duties... SO is taking a friend to the game instead. I will happily munch on my leftovers at home while watching Fashion Police :)