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Feb 6, 2013 08:52 AM

Hallmark card holiday: Valentine's day. What will be doing/going?

I'm leaning towards making a dinner at home. Keep spending down and more food too.

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  1. We almost always eat at home for the reasons you mentioned. V Day is overhyped and like NYE never lives up to the expectations. I don't care for special menus and I feel like the food and service often suffers due to overcrowded restaurants.

    1. Probably shabu at home or something, but Red Medicine's tasting menu looked mighty good. If only I had an extra $200 to blow right now.

      1. We ALWAYS dine on home for V-Day - have for decades now.

        Traditional entree is always nice-size boiled lobsters with lemon butter, shoestring fries, & sometimes a green salad. Followed by some nice chocolatey dessert.

        This year I'm planning on upping the ante by making "Oysters Rockefeller" as a starter.