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Feb 6, 2013 08:16 AM

Blanca Contact Information

I managed to get through to Blanca last Friday to make a reservation for February, but I have not yet received a confirmation email, which the reservationist said at the time would happen within 48 hours.

I have found no other way to contact the restaurant -- they say they do not check voicemails on the phone number that they only answer one day a month, and there is no stated email address.

Does anyone know of a way to get in touch with the restaurant to confirm my reservation? Thanks!

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  1. This is just a guess - I have no idea if it would work - but maybe if you called Roberta's (718-417-1118) and explained the situation, they might be able to at least get you in contact with someone at Blanca.

    1. id suggest just holding tight unless your reservation is for this week - if thats the case id take versalgoodness' advice and try calling Roberta's and explaining your situation.

      When i ate a blanca in december they waited until the last minute (well, the morning ofthe day before) to inform me that they had been having trouble with their liquor license and that it would be BYO.

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      1. re: tex.s.toast

        Thanks for your replies. I will trying calling Robertas. I am coming in from out of town, and am extending my trip an extra day to accomodate this reservation -- I just wanted to make sure that it was confirmed before making flight/hotel reservations.

        If anyone is willing to share the "reply to" email address from a confirmation email they received from Blanca, that also might be helpful.

        1. re: samb

          i checked it out and it doesnt look like they publicly post it, which i guess makes some sense. i dont want to ruin it for them since it seems like they would publicize their email if they wanted it "out there" BUT given that youre inquiring about reservations, and you can guess the domain for their email addresses from the restaurants URL, its pretty likely you could maybe put the two together and figure out the address.

      2. I also called blanca last Friday for a reservation and have not yet received an email. Does anyone know how long it usually takes? The woman taking the reservation also told me I'd receive something in 48 hours.

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        1. re: DianaD128

          I made a reservation last month on 1/2 and received my confirmation email on 1/5.

        2. How did your issue get resolved? I got reservations on 3/1, and still haven't received my confirmation email. Thanks!