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Feb 6, 2013 07:35 AM

Torch for Sous Vide cooking?

Looking for specific recommendations on torches to use for searing meat after being cooked sous vide. I've been using a Bernzomatic propane torch, and while it's better than nothing, it's definitely not ideal. The main problem I'm having is I have to tilt the torch to get the flame to reach the meat, which causes the canister itself to tilt so far that The flame starts to flicker and the flame pulses yellow which means the propane is burning completely. I definitely don't want to be pouring propane on my steaks, so I'm trying to figure out what my other options are. Some things can be held up with tongs so that I don't have to tilt the canister over as far, but other things are too big to do that way. I'm attaching an image of a Bernzomatic MAPP Fat Boy torch that seems like it would solve the problem, but I'm wondering if it would be a little overkill for my situation as it costs almost $70. I'd love any other suggestions.

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  1. Get a different torch head. Mine is perpendicular to the canister (ergo the flame shoots out horizontally) and cost under $20CAD

    1. Yeah, a different torch head. Go to a plumbing store and tell them what you need it for. There's number to choose from.

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        Isn't there a head designed to flame things at ground levels, such as weeds? Put your food on the kitchen floor and burn away. :)

      2. Hi, seannymurrs:

        You might try this: Instead of the standard-issue skinny propane bottle, try one of the squatty Coleman tanks meant for lanterns--same thread pattern, less tippy, sometimes cheaper AND seem to burn evenly in the inverted position.

        I use this combo to light my wood cookstove from the top, and it doesn't burn rich or go out. Maybe it's a different feed tube setup, IDK.


        1. I just got an Iwatani butane torch. Attaches to butane canisters. Works really well and wasn't expensive

          I first got a BonJour type refillable but the flame is to small to cover a wide area well. Maybe to caramelize a creme brûlée but just didn't cut it for larger items