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Feb 6, 2013 06:20 AM

Coconut Butter/Cream?

Hi Hounds,
Can anyone tell me where to get coconut butter and coconut cream in the city? I've been to a few health food stores, but store employees tend to stare at me with vacant expressions.


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  1. I have seen the Artisana coconut products at Bioterre on St. Viateur. They make a pure coconut butter.

    Or if you have a professional blender (Vita-Mix or the like) you can make it yourself out of shredded coconut.

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    1. re: picklebird

      Thanks! I'll check out that store. Sadly, I don't have a Vitamix!

    2. Coconut cream can be found at asian markets. You can also buy coconut milk in a can, DO NOT SHAKE IT, open it and drain the water that has naturally separated from the cream. That's coconut cream.

      I've never seen coconut butter, just coconut oil which comes in a solid white form and liquifies with slight heat. I know it's not quite the same though.

      Bioterre would be a good bet for coconut butter. So would Papillon Foods if you have a car.

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      1. re: SourberryLily

        I went to EuroMarché latina (marcel-laurin) and they had "Pure Coconut Cream" in little cartons for 1.49$. It was in the cake mix aisle

      2. I saw Earth Balance coconut butter at Marche Tau in Pointe-Claire and Louise Sans Gluten in Dorval.

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        1. re: alfiez

          Thanks all -- I'm so glad some of you have seen it around town. I was beginning to give up hope! :-)

        2. They have the Artisana coconut butter at Tau on St-Denis and Rachelle-Bery. It's expensive but so delicious and addictive. Otherwise it's easy to find blocks of coconut cream at different places like Marché Oriental, Les Freres Sakaris, Thai Hour, shops in Chinatown. You have to dilute those with water so I prefer the tetrapaks of coconut milk which is pretty creamy and I usually stock up when I got Marché Hawaii or Sakaris. Making your own is messy and requires a hammer and nail or something, but I've done that too.