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Feb 6, 2013 05:56 AM

United States of Bacon

Yes, I did search - and was astonished that I couldn't find an existing thread on this show! Mods - apologies if I missed it.

So I decided to revert to Campbell/Essylton/Ornish/Pennington (yes, I know there are significant differences between Essylton and the other three, mostly as to fish and olive oil but my basic point is greens&beans). It worked great before as to cholesterol, weight, and overall health and at my age, this could be my last chance to get really healthy and stay that way into my 60s and beyond.

I figured I wouldn't miss much - cheesecake (and there is no good cheesecake where I live), pizza (and actually, I plan to make occasional exceptions for pizza), and bacon.

Scratch bacon from the list. I watched three episodes of United States of Bacon back-to-back last night. Talk about aversion therapy. Hosted by a very overweight man who obviously never met the concept of moderation. He goes around the country eating various dishes that have enormous amounts of fat, cholesterol. Paula Dean has nothing on this guy and the stuff he shovels into his mouth. There's one place (Atlanta?) that makes a lattice of bacon, covers it with ground pork and a layer of crumbled bacon, wraps it up and bakes it, then slices it and adds a poached egg, more bacon, and stacks it all on an English muffin. Another place (Des Moine?) that does a huge burger topped with bacon, mac-and-cheese, cheddar cheese, and a "bun" made of fried mac-and-cheese. In Chicago, there was a TEN POUND deep dish pizza filled with pounds of bacon.

It didn't take long to get thoroughly disgusted.

Seemed kind of strange to be lauding this kind of eating in this day and age. Do most people make this a once-in-a-while treat? Let's hope so! But
pretty much everyone on the show (except, oddly, some of the cooks) was obese and looking like they were ready to have a heart attack.

Bourdain called bacon the gateway drug for vegetarians. This program is the methadone for bacon/meat addicts.

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  1. Thanks for the write up. The previews alone were enough to disgust me so I haven't watched and after reading what you have to say, won't be watching anytime soon. I like my bacon, eat it in moderation and want to continue to do so.

    1. Jeezum Crow that sounds gross. I mean the title alone was enough to let me know it's a show that I wouldn't be interested in, but, yeah, that sounds pretty dreadful.

      1. hahah! he used parts of a pig and a cow to make a turtle.

        1. What an awkward host! Does he just go to other people's kitchens and wrap the signature dish in 10 strips of bacon? And then has the audacity to tell the owner that it's now better! What a train wreck! I can't look away. . .

          Enjoy the awkwardness!