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Feb 6, 2013 05:55 AM

Bachi Burger - Service is lacking

After I picked up my brother at the airport I gave him the choice of Bachi Burger or Chada Thai; I hadn’t been to either one, but both were on my list of places to try. He selected Bachi Burger. We arrived around 1PM and were told the wait would be 25 minutes. Interesting… There were three two seat tables open. Anyway after about 10 minutes we were seated. We ordered the Ronin Burger - $10 (caramelized onions, Japanese coleslaw, fried egg, Korean BBQ sauce, Yuzu Citrus Aioli) and a Kiki Burger - $10 (Shitaki, Enoki and Eryngil Mushrooms, caramelized bacon, sweet onion marmalade, Gruyere cheese, and Garlic Chili Aioli). We had both burgers prepared medium. We ordered parmesan fries -$4 - to share. The burgers were both “very good to excellent”; the fries were “average to poor”.

The biggest issue we had was the service. Our waitress showed up with the menus, took our order and wasn’t seen again until it was time to pick up the tab. The bus staff filled our water, brought our food, etc. My brother noted our burgers sitting on the countertop ready to be delivered – but it took about 5 minutes before they arrived. We had the same experience with the fries, in fact, I was nearly done with my burger by the time the fries arrived.

Have other Hounds had similar service issues at Bachi or was this an aberration?

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  1. I tend to avoid busy lunch rushes. That said, I've been to Bachi 6 times and never seen the restaurant more than 3/4 full. I can't remember EVER waiting for a table. During my visits, the wait staff out numbered the bussers 4 to 1.

    Sorry you had a bad time, but to me, it certainly doesn't mirror any of my experiences.

    1. Same exact experience for me.
      See my yelp review about them.

      1. I know there are 2 Bachi Burger locations, one in Summerlin and the other on Windmill in Henderson. I've only been to the Henderson location and ever since the TV spot on "Diners Drive-ins and Dives" ( the wait tends to get pretty ridiculous on the weekends. Maybe the Summerlin location is better?

        The wait staff is friendly but I agree, sometimes I've found them all to be running around in panic mode. One time we had to ask twice for plates & silverware after our appetizers have arrived. And yes, food has taken a while to be delivered. Is the pace too hectic? Is there not enough staff? I'm starting to think it's more of a management problem than a wait staff problem.

        The food is so good though (try the porkbelly bao sliders and the oxtail chili cheese fries!) we keep going back, but when visitors come in from out of town and want to come here for dinner on a Saturday night, I know to look forward to a long wait and chaos.

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          Thanks for the feedback. We did go to the Henderson location and it was a weekday; Tuesday in fact. We will likely give it another try and go for some sliders and a burger or two. Hopefully our next experience is more like Shamu's!