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Feb 6, 2013 04:30 AM

Korean restaurants and stores close to north Silver Spring

I am just starting with Korean cooking - as a vegetarian that does eat fish - so I have gone to the H Mart on Georgia Ave. and it is a pretty good store.

Anyone who knows this territory have any advice on diving into the Korean recipes? Favorite cookbooks in English, favorite restaurant for inspiration and a great Korean meal, favorite Korean market, etc. etc.

I have the "Kimchi Chronicles" and it is ok....

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Have you watched the show "Kimchi Chronicles?" It will give you a broad sense of the food and culture - I am not a big fan of the in-kitchen segments, the weird interaction with Hugh Jackman made me uncomfortable, and JG's interpretations didn't thrill me, but you can see her do some basics.

    Sorry I can't help you with SS, I don't know that area - But I have asked random strangers in H-Mart about some of the things I needed!

    1. I think this website is very good for Korean recipes (in English)

      I like the HMart in Gaithersburg (off Lost Knife). Produce and seafood seem fresher, store is cleaner and maybe bigger than the one on Ga. Ave.

      I'm particularly fond of Moa restaurant on Wilkins in Rockville. Vit Goel on Parklawn is good but the menu is focused on soups.

      I understand that the best Korean restaurants are in Annandale so you may want to do a search for that area.

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        They get the same delivery schedules at both HMarts and the stock turns over faster in Wheaton. The store is older, more chaotic and crowded than Gaithersburg, but I think the quality of the food is identical. The Georgia Ave. store is also big with a number of embassy chefs.

      2. Tofu Lighthouse in Twinbrook (not exactly Silver Spring area, but still MoCo) is amazing. It's the same as the one in VA's Ktown. The food there inspired me to try making soondooboo at home - the mushroom soondooboo, in particular, is amazing.

        1. There is also a Lotte on Georgia Avenue; actually close to Aspen Hill. I think it's a better store than the Wheaton H Mart, and the small Korean lunch counter in there has great food.

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            I will check out the Lotte in Aspen Hill!

          2. woomi garden restaurant wheaton
            Iron Age asian grill rockville