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Feb 6, 2013 03:10 AM

Pizza in New Haven

I have a meeting in New Haven on Monday and then LI Tue. I will likely come back via New Haven and would love to get off the highway and pick up a pizza to go. Which of the three pizza spots, Sally, Modern or Pepe's is closest/easy on easy off the highway, please (95).


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  1. Phelana....
    Sally's (my favorite) and Pepe's are both on the same street (Wooster St) which is one way and starts at Olive Street with Sally's first on the Left and Pepe's near the end of the block also at the end.

    Both are 5 minutes off I-95 (based on city traffic and traffic lights) Easy to get back on as well.

    Modern (my least favorite Apizza place in New Haven) is actually a bit further north and best accessed from I-91. (you can get on I-91 from I-95 in New Haven, the to and from Modern is not as easy as Sally's or Pepe's, but parking might be easier.

    That said, as a born and bred New Havener, I'd get my Apizza on Wooster Street, Sally's first, then Pepe's. I'd never go to Modern, but if someone brought me a pie from there, I'd have a slice.)

    1. My feelings are similare to Bagelman's. I also grew up in New Haven, and while I picked up a pie to go at Modern once, I wouldn't bother going back. I do often do takeout now, and I usually request heavy sauce, cooked light, and get the pie uncut, so when we're ready to eat I can throw it on the stone in my oven at home to heat it freshly. It works really well.

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      1. re: junescook

        I like Pepe's so will try Sally's. Thanks

          1. Having also grown up in the area, I leave Pepe's and Sally's to the tourists and neophytes, go with Modern...I believe bagel likes "plain" pies, sauce and grated cheese, which I like too, but that kinda puts a bit of a slant on things. I believe (and bagel can confirm because he has the magic number ;p ) sally isn't opened on Monday

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            1. re: BiscuitBoy

              Phelana is going south on Monday, but wanted to stop on her return from LI on Tuesday, so Sally's will be open.

              Yes, I prefer a traditional New Haven pie, sauce and grated Romano, no mozz, but I will eat a red pie made with mozz on Wooster Street I just plain don't like white pies, so Make that a clam and bacon RED.

              BUT>>>>Phelana be aware that Sally's is not open for lunch so you will have to be passing through after 4PM or go to Pepe's.

              as an aside, when I was growig up all apizza places in New Haven were closed Monday, except for the Spot (in the back to he left of Pepe's) who opened Monday and closed Tuesday.

              1. re: bagelman01

                Oh dear, I will be passing Tue. before 4 so alas, it's Pepe's I guess. Thanks everyone...

                1. re: phelana

                  My condolences <VBG> but you'll still get great apiza.

            2. Pepe's has an outpost in Fairfield, off exit 27(?) on 95, Bar is an easy hit if you can park it is on Crown st New Haven, I like it almost as much as Pepe's. Modern seems to be incapable of not burning it's pies

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              1. re: mmalmad

                Pepe's in Fairfield does NOT compare to New Haven. Note: I live in Trumbull now, and still drive to Wooster Street for Apizza.