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Feb 6, 2013 03:07 AM

Valentines Day at Hangar B - Cape Cod

My daughter and I were at Hangar B Saturday for an amazing brunch. Tracy and Chef Brian are putting on a V Day Dinner, 5 courses for 80.00 pp. Honestly, it looks quite amazing. I am asking the universe to send me a date :). I so want to dine there for their amazing menu. I highly recommend this unique spot for a special kind of dinner. It would be very small and intimate.

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  1. Any details on the menu that you can share? Although the place IS small, I can't picture it as a special occasion night out, although the food is likely to be sublime. I suppose they could dress up the Formica tables with white linens and flowers. You shouldn't have any problem finding a date. Although if I took you and paid for dinner, would we, y'know. ;-)

    (j/k....PC police calm down!)

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      I will write down the menu later. It's amazing..positively mouth watering..Knowing Chef Brian and Tracy, they will do it up nice.

      Obviously you have not been in the Cape Cod dating scene awhile :)

      Still waiting to meet my dining soul mate, loving life ...


    2. Hangar B Menu
      First course
      Watercress endive radicchio with tangerine, radish, beet root vin or House Cured Gravlax with buckwheat blini creme fraiche and chives

      Second course
      Lobster avo, mache with crispy artichokes, blood orange vanilla bean vin or diver scallops with celery root ravioli, spinach and balsamic butter

      Third course
      Monkfish Bouillabaisse saffron broth, rouille crouton, shrimps, littlenecks or Roasted Heirloom Cauliflowers truffled carrot puree hazelnut brown butter

      Fourth course
      Roasted Quail cornbread stuffing carmelized brussel sprouts Madeira jus or Pan Seared Fillet of beef with potato galette, asparagus, oinion soubise, pinot noir reduction

      Fifth course
      White chocolate bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and bourbon gastrique


      DEAR GOD....sublime

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        Yummy. Thanks for posting!

        Amazing he can put out such a meal from that little galley kitchen.