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Feb 6, 2013 02:11 AM

Goat in the DTW area?

I'm in Brighton, so Ann Arbor is probably my best bet, but I'm looking for any place that offers goat on the menu. Anyone?

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  1. Haven't been there in a couple of years, but Jamaican Jerk Pit on Thayer in Ann Arbor has goat.

    I am pretty sure there are a couple farms in the Ann Arbor area that sell goat too.

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    1. re: charlesbois

      True. The retail farm "Back Forty Acres" in Chelsea sells goat. Yum

    2. Bit of a drive but Roast downtown Detroit often offers it as it's "beast of the day" (according to the waiter we had, last I was there). A little high end for me but worth a phone call if you have a real yearning. Let us know what you think, should you go.

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      1. re: SonyBob

        I had goat at Roast last month. I wasn't thrilled. Kind of stringy and greasy, but maybe that's how it's supposed to be?

        The only other time I've had goat was at Girl and the Goat in Chicago where I had a goat empanada. It was flavorful, light and fluffy, so I was anxious to try goat again.

        I'm close to Farmington Hills, so I'm going to give goat one more try at Zayeqa.

        1. re: Rosedale

          Do try it at Zayeqa. "Stringy" isn't a term I'd use to describe the goat I've had there. *Perhaps* one could use "greasy", but I don't consider it such, per se.

          If I'd paid Roast's prices for something that I didn't enjoy, I'd have sent it back. Did you try someone else's? Or did you just stick with it?

          1. re: boagman

            Interesting. When I went to Roast, I had the strip steak. It was huge, very pretty and tasteless, not to mention chewy. I would have sent it back but we were being treated by our kids (couldn't have afforded it ourselves!). I was very underwhelmed.

        1. how do you feel about Indian? this place is in Troy, haven't tried it yet though

          1. Jamaican Jerk Pit still has curried goat. Another idea—at Gratiot Central Market in Detroit I got an entire cut-up goat leg and cooked it for about eight hours in curry spices. Results: amazing.

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            1. re: Jim M

              Yeah I think I knew about the Jamaican Jerk Pit somewhere in the back of my brain...but cooking it myself sounds like an even better idea. Gonna check the web for farms, thanks everyone, I don't know why I didn't think of cooking it myself.