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Feb 5, 2013 08:53 PM

please help me decide on a broiler/convection oven

Because of space limitations, I had to choose between a dishwasher and an oven for my NYC apt. I choose the dishwasher because I plan to buy a tabletop convection/broiler oven.

Don't laugh.. but I'm hoping that the broiler function of this prospective device could be almost as effective as a broiler/salamander used in a steakhouse Ideally, I'd like to be able to sear a rib-eye or fillet in a cast iron pan on the stove and then finish it in the tabletop oven.

For example: the Wolfgang Puck toaster oven broiler with convection rotisserie and baking drawer
the Cuisinart Brick Oven classic counter top oven (I'm considering this because there are quite a few reviews that mention how easy it is to burn things because the top coil gets hotter than most)

Should I be evaluating based on the wattage, the temperature settings or something else?

or, am I just dreaming to hope that a home appliance with electric coils to perform even remotely similar to a gas- powered salamander? Please set me straight as I've never worked in a restaurant kitchen..only seen them used.

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  1. Can you put in a 220v circuit? You might consider a commercial-type countertop oven. The lower powered units are 120vac, but some are 220 and can operate at higher power.

    1. I would have washed dishes by hand.

      A 120V unit will suck a lot of power , and pull double the amps compared to a 220V one.

      Look for how many passes the broiling element makes (my oven has 8). Interior size-will it fit what you want to put in it, and do your research. Look for warranty repair ratings/breakdown reports, etc.

      1. Highly recommend the Breville with the convection option. The convection fan which will work with the broiler on, seems
        to increase the heat so you might be able to get good "char" on a steak. I use my Breville for a variety of chores, if I don't
        want to heat up the oven on my Bosch.