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Feb 5, 2013 08:47 PM

Kid Friendly Restaurants on Coronado?

We will be staying at the Hotel del Coronado next week and are looking for some kid friendly options for dinners. There are nine of us (five adults, 4 kids ranging in ages from 7 to 2). We are open to almost all types of cuisines and we typically like a full service restaurant (so no counter service) with good drinks and good food. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If the adults are fans of craft beer, try the brewpub at the Coronado Brewing Co, on Orange Ave on the other side of the island near the ferry terminal. The menu is mostly typical brewpub food but I'd rate it a notch above most brewpubs in terms of freshness and quality. Definitely kid friendly (IIRC they have a kids menu) and the brewmaster's pretzel (huge!) is always a favorite.

    The regular beer line up is very good and some of the seasonal or specialty brews can be outstanding. Enjoy your stay in Coronado!

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    1. re: steveprez

      Thanks Steveprez! I did see their website before but couldn't tell if it was more of a "bar" and not a good choice with kids. Will definitely put it on the list!

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        Good deal! I just dropped in on CBC the other nite since I was in the area. Looks like Tuesday nites are "Kid's Nite".

    2. Across the street from the Del is Brigantine which has everyday happy hour with kids welcome and they have some of the best fish tacos..$1+ more you can add halibut, salmon, shrimp..depends what is fresh for the day.
      Miguel's next door to Brig for Mex has a lovely patio and decent food.
      Mistral at Loews resort down the silver strand has great food along with Market.
      Sapori for Italian and Danny Palms for great cheeseburgers.
      Candelas for happy hour overlooking SD Bay and take the water taxi over to the Gaslamp.

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        Danny Palms? The place that looks like a dive bar? With kids?

        Maybe I don't know the same place...

        MrsName and I had a pretty good meal at Leroy's, and would certainly consider it with Mr12. It's not our style of food, but it was decent quality and an interesting environment.

        I confess- I have the urge to eat at the place that was once the Chart House. Maybe nostalgia, who knows. I often need to check with reality when I have these urges- thye most often end in disappointment and tears at the money I could have spent somewhere else.

        1. re: Fake Name

          If its good enough for my beloved SEALS to eat their with their families, I'm sure its good enough for Miss Jane and her family.
          Dive bar..maybe for Coronado standards.
          Considered one of the best burgers in SD..

          Hotel Del for brunch at the Crown room is fantastic..pricey...1500 Ocean is great as well.

          Is it the Chart House or Boathouse across from the Del?

          Also, Il Fornaio is great too.

          1. re: Beach Chick

            Not concerned about the clientele- it's a bar- is sub-21 allowed?

            I don't know what the used-to-be-Chart-House is called now. Boathouse sounds appropriate, though.

            1. re: Fake Name

              The Chart House was the first place that came to my mind, but sadly, they are closed. Ah sigh....the 80's...

              There is always Peohe's, not exactly the frontier of amazing food, but they are well accustomed to the tourist crowd and should be able to accommodate children.

              1. re: Dagney

                I believe that's the Coronado Boat House, been a few times, passable.

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            Coronado is quickly becoming a pub town, but given the nature of the community they are mostly kid friendly. With Coronado Brewing and Leroy's already being mentioned, I will throw The Tavern into the mix. It is about a block from the Del and is really more of a restaurant than a bar. Kids welcome, tasty comfort food, craft beer and friendly service.

            1. re: Fake Name

              It's now the Boathouse. Please check with reality before going. Maybe get a drink for old times sake.

          3. Thanks for all of these suggestions! Sounds like Coronado is fairly family friendly and I love the idea of happy hour with the kids. We will need it after our busy days at the zoo, SeaWorld, etc.!