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Feb 5, 2013 08:05 PM

O'Mei 'Giant Lobster 5 Ways' Chowmeet - A Brief Summary!

When unique Chinese dishes are being discussed on this board, O'Mei's one-of-a-kind 'Giant Lobster 5 ways' almost always got mentioned.Though popular and well known amongst regular Chinese patrons, this off-menu item has yet to be discovered by most western populous. Due to the intimidating size of the beast, it also require a group of people to devour the monster!

Tonight, a group of 24 die-hard foodies, braved the frigid weather and lousy traffic, descended on O'Mei for a pre-arranged 'Giant Lobster 5 ways' chowmeet. Between the two round tables, we shared a total of 36 pounds of the pre-historic monsters!

The meal consisted of:

- Steamed lobster claws with fried minced garlic, ginger & scallions on a bed of rice vermicelli

- Stirred fry lobster tails with premium top soy-Maggi sauce and shredded onions.

- Deep fried head and body with spiced chili garlic peppered salt.

- Steamed egg custard ( Chawamushi ) with tomale ( lobster brains )

- Fried rice with egg white, string beans, minced dried scallops and tomale.

- Braised E-Fu noodles with Chinese mushrooms, Tomale and lobster broth.

- House special Crispy skin free-run Chicken with special dipping sauce

- Authentic Cantonese sweet and sour pork.

- Stirred fry Chinese Broccoli ( Gai Lan ) with mince dried Tile fish and garlic

- An array of complimentary Chinese dessert that included: Chinese egg-white doughnut puff with red-bean filling, Fresh Mango Mochi, Red bean and black glutinous rice soup, mini Chinese sesame paste filled mochi ( Tong-Yuen ).

Due to the shear quantity of lobster involved, the kitchen actually came out with a rare 'Lobster 6 ways'!!

All dishes were competently executed with the majority of attendees pointing to the 'Maggi Stirred lobster tail dish' as their favorite! The deep fried version came a close second.

Overall, I think everyone was stuffed and had a great time!

Value and 'quantity of lobster' wise, I believe our meal beat the current Scaramouche's $62 Lobsterlicious 3 course dinner, hands down!!

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  1. I also loved the sweet and sour pork, but everything was rather delicious. Thanks for organizing, Charles! I may drive all the way to RH just for the pork!

    1. Wonderful meal! Thank you for organizing it. Look forward to future events.

      1. The tomale chawanmushi sounded fab! Wish I live in Toronto, Charles.

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        1. re: klyeoh

          I have been extending invitation to you and Fourseasons for years to pay us a visit! For sure skylineR33 and I will arrange a special treat for you both!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            I guess FS (in-between his gourmet trips to Japan) and I will have to make concrete plans to come to Toronto soon. Sorry to have to miss you (again!) in HK this month. I'll be trying to picture the dishes and the fun you guys are going to have on the HK Chowmeet whilst I'm in New Delhi this time.

            1. re: klyeoh

              I won't mind exchanging some HK food for some of those yummy authentic Indian cuisine you will be enjoying!!

        2. It was all delicious but the lobster tails with Maggi sauce was really terrific - is it possible to order extra onions? Would return just for this dish.

          The steamed lobster claws were quite good as well - cooked perfectly so the tender meat easily pulled right out of the shell.

          Thanks so much for organizing, Charles!

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          1. re: Degustation

            Yes!! One can pick a smaller lobster and have them do it just the Maggi way!
            Hee! Hee!! You love the onions too?!! Foodies think alike!! That's exactly what my family do everytime we have lobster there!! Onions sauteed in Maggi sauce! An awesome combo!

          2. Adding my thanks too.
            Agree with everyone else on the top dishes (except I'll add the E-Fu noodles).