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Feb 5, 2013 07:27 PM

Rooftop Bars or Bars with Views in SF

Any suggestions for cool rooftop bars or bars with great views? I got a recommendation for Waterbar and we will definitely check it out but I was wondering if anyone else had any other suggestions?

We are staying near Market and 7th but are open to anywhere that is easy to get to via public transportation or a relatively short cab ride.

We prefer bars that are not too "upscale"; more into hip, chill, affordable bars. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Blooms Saloon,if you can get the table in back.

    B Restaurant & Bar on top of Yerba Buena Center.

    The Ramp

    Red's Java House, not really a bar, more of a bad greasy spoon with bottled beer but it's right on the water.

    Waterbar's pretty upscale except maybe at happy hour.

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    1. For panoramic views, it's hard to beat the View at the jukebox Marriott on 4th and Mission. As for "hip" and "chill", well..., it's in a Marriott. It's not that far from where you're staying, though.

      I like Waterbar, but if you are looking for a slightly younger crowd, there is Palomino across the street. Unfortunately, some of the Bay views from the patio are partly blocked by the Waterbar building, but you can still see the Bay Bridge and the spectacular new light show if it is on.

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      1. re: nocharge

        Thanks for the heads up. I actually have stayed at that Marriott and had no idea of the jukebox! Will check it out this time!

        1. re: jseakoi

          The jukebox refers to the architecture.

      2. given the typical late afternoon/evening weather, rooftops are generally not advised or popular in SF. plenty of indoor ones with spectacular views and prices to match.

        wasn't there a rumor once that the Wurlitzer Marriott if one claimed to be a local gave a 10% discount (old, Herb Caen posted that story once IIRC)

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        1. re: hill food

          Makes sense given the weather.
          Do you have any recs for bars with indoor views then? I'm not a local BTW. Visiting next weekend.

          1. re: jseakoi

            a lot of large hotels do. Top of the Mark is a classic, the Drake's Starlight is nice too but not as much. the Fairmont has one in the 'new' tower, but their basement Tonga Room is more amusing.

            the Cliff House looks out over the ocean (squint and you still won't see the Farallones). Orbit Room and The Cafe (San Marcos) offer great people watching on upper Market. and in North Beach so does Mario's and the Savoy Tivoli.

            outdoors I always liked the view of the Bay from the Ramp as Lauriston mentioned and the nearby Mission Rock Resort, though it was more fun in its grubby pre-fire(s) state(s).
            take the ferry and buy a beer or wine on board. or brown bag it and take the walking pier near the foot of Pacific out into the Bay, or up on the roof of the Crocker Galleria.

            1. re: hill food

              Thanks! These sound like great suggestions!

          2. re: hill food

            they had a local's discount the last time i was there maybe 10 years ago. they did ask for ID to verify.

            not sure if still the case.

          3. Is the rooftop bar at Lolinda (formerly Medjool) open yet? The old bar was really nice.

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            1. re: calumin

              I've read so many good things about Medjool...too bad it is closed. I would be curious if this new place is opened in it's place.

              1. re: jseakoi

                Medjool was just okay. The real draw was the rooftop bar (which did have heatlamps everywhere, so it wasn't cold up there), which I guess will continue with the new place? I haven't been there a while. I don't know if it could be called hip or chill, though -- Medjool in general got to be very lively, like it may as well have been a club.

                1. re: dunstable

                  There was a report a while back that Lolinda's remodeling the roof. There might be permit issues.

            2. Pier 23, outside in the back, has really good views of the bay. It's not fancy. Higher up the food chain is Quiver Bar (second level) at Epic Roast House. Epic is next to Waterbar.

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