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Feb 5, 2013 06:40 PM

Bacon flavored vodka

Do you know of any liquor stores that sell bacon flavored vodka ? Yes it's real and yes I'm serious. Saw a drink recipe I'd like to try.

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    fair warning, I haven't had this product but the bacon vodka I had wasn't great.

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      i actually have some bakon. you get a lot more bacon in the smell than the taste, which in some ways is probably a blessing. I do find it fun to throw into a bloody mary (sometimes with hangar one's chipotle vodka), but other than that haven't used it much.

      its not terrible, but its definitely more of a gag/novelty than anything... nowhere near as useful, or delicious, as a good bacon infused bourbon. i'd think hard about whether its worth the cash to pick up a whole bottle (unless you're making some mass recipe for a party, which would make sense and probably be a very good use for it).

    2. I don't know MA laws, but you might be able to order Bakon online. For example drinkupny. I have bought it from them several times. It has been well- received in my house, particularly for Bloody Mary.

      Making your own is not particularly difficult fi necessary. It's one of those things I want to do but never do...

      1. If you can't find any, Emmets pub on Beacon Hill has a Bloody Mary with bacon flavored vodka. Great way to start a Sunday morning.

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          75 Chestnut also offers Bacon Vodka as part of their make your own bloody bar.

        2. It's fairly easy to find on the shelves of the larger stores. I haven't tried any but I do know the "Bakon" brand does not us any bacon in the flavoring process.

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          1. re: Unfoodie

            Beat me to it. It has synthetic flavorants used in the food industry to fake the bacon flavor and aroma. Think about Bac-o-bits and how they are a vegan foodstuff.

            You might want to look into fat washing vodka to get authentic bacon flavor.


          2. A cooked candied bacon strip added to the cocktail as a stirrer is much better than the novelty vodka. Consider the candied bacon.