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Mission Chinese...Downhill Alert?

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  • Simon Feb 5, 2013 06:26 PM
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the reason i put a "?" is because it was never one of my favs...i've only been there twice, both times solo, albeit w/ overordering to try as many dishes as possible...the first visit a few months ago was very positive, though not enough to make me want to deal w/ the lines (though good enough that i was looking forward to my meal this eve and i dealt w/ a wait, attitude, etc, when i had other tasty options nearby)...

Tonights meal was terrible...the mapo tofu was actually disgusting: on my previous meat it'd full of delicious pork shoulder, and very mala and approriately Sichuan-oily...tonight, it was soupy, sweet, not spicy at all, and the pork consisted of large chunks of unrendered fat, like par-boiled pork belly...just awful....

The mussels were even worse: half (!) of them were unopened (i.e. dead before being cooked and possibly dangerous and/or foul) and the dish was sweet and not even the tiniest bit spicy (despite the bartender's warning that this is a spicy dish)...the cold cucumber was even worse than thatr: i took one bite and was revolted: so much sesame that it tasted more like amateur hummos than anything else...all in all, a 0-for-3 meal...

And: they've taken shochu off the bar menu!!!...when i expressed mild disappointment, the bartender proceeded to a) tell me that "we have a full bar menu now!" [which doesn't make sense re: no-shochu], and b) tell me about all the sake they have...(i politely stopped her and explained that sake and shochu have nothing in common w/ each other other than being from Japan -- i.e. it'd be like saying: "we don't have any small-batch bourbon but lemme tell you about our Oregon ales"...

Can't imagine returning here anytime soon...it might have been an off night, but they've had a year to get things right, so the food shouldn't be this bad even on a random chilly Tuesday...

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  1. totally agree about some recent bad experiences. ive stopped waiting for a table and just bring the food back to my place lately. i found that there was no heat in the ma po tofu and the shredded pork shoulder was much more ground up and not in a good way. very droopy and less firm and put together than ive had in the past.

    everything just felt a little bit more tame and a lot less extraordinary.

    1. Interestingly, people raved about the place lately. I didn't like Mission 6 months ago when I first went. It was quite spicy but the spice overwhelmed the flavors for me. So, I was never a fan, and never plan on going back. Your review reinforces that for me.

      1. I've been maybe 10 times. They've always had a problem with consistency-- the mapo tofu has never tasted the same way twice. Buyer beware.