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Feb 5, 2013 05:38 PM

Chinese New Year Banquet Menu?

when i lived in NYC it seems that a number of places would offer Chinese New Year banquet menus of 10 dishes for 10 people and followed a more or less traditional Chinese New Year feast.

any place around WDC or Baltimore offer similar?
i was hoping that Grace Garden in Odenton would, but they do not.


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  1. Zhongshan in Baltimore is offering what you are looking for I believe, though I don't know the number/table. If you wind up with a spare seat let me know, haha.

    $350.00 Per Table
    Assorted cold dishes platter - siiced beef, roast duck,BBQ pork, jellyfish, Seafood soup w tofu, fried snow crab cbw wrapped in shrimp paste, Sauteed seafood with snow pea, Chinese fried chicken, Twin Lobsbers with onion and scallion, Baby bok choy with shiitake mushroom, Walnut shrimp, Fish fillet with corn, House special fried rice, Chinese cookies, Seasonal fresh fruits


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      Has anyone eaten there recently? We were there not long after it opened -- perhaps three years ago to try the dim sum, and it was only so-so. Would be interested in any recent reviews, whether of dim sum or the mostly Chinese-American regular menu. Thanks.

    2. Seven Seas in Rockville has 3 different menus to choose from, at $250, $350, or $500 for a 10-top.


      (ignore the URL which says rabbit - the menus are for this year)