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Feb 5, 2013 04:30 PM

Mezcal infusion

I've been considering infusing a bottle of Sombra with coffee or cocoa powder. Any thoughts between the two? And in what ratios? I've played with other things, but the spirit is new to me and the level of base material I'd add might be off.

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  1. I did a coffee-infused Pisco to make a Peruvian cocktail called the Zambito before. I used 1 tsp (medium ground) coffee for every 2 oz of spirit for 24+ hours. So a bottle would be around 2 oz (volume) for 25.6 oz spirit. After that, I filtered it through a coffee filter in a funnel. The end result was definitely coffee flavored, but not a coffee bomb like Galliano Ristretto or Kahlua by a long shot (although I doubt those are infusions). Perhaps even going 4 oz coffee to 750 mL of spirits would be good depending on what intensity level you want.
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    I have done cocoa powder before, but the filtration is tough. Cacao nibs would be easier but the infusion would take longer depending on the coarseness of the nibs.

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      Many thanks, will check that out.