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Feb 5, 2013 04:06 PM

Crab in Santa Cruz area?

I'm taking some extended family out to see the elephant seals at Ano Nuevo Saturday and then going out to dinner. Crab has been requested. I don't see any really strong places for crab going north, and since they're staying in Santa Cruz, I was wondering if there were any recs there. Chinese would be fine. We have six adults and two kids (one voracious crab eater) to feed.

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  1. Hi Ruth, I wish I could help you.I buy my crabs live from a fish monger.I don't know of any places other than the Santa Cruz Wharf for crab.Mediocre at best. After seeing the elephant seals at Ana Nuevo I would continue north on route 1.In less than an hour you will be in San Francisco. Search some recent threads for crab in S.F. Also plenty of Chinese food.

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      Thanks for the info, emglow! Sounds like Santa Cruz is out, so I think it's going to be Half Moon Bay. Since part of our party is in Palo Alto and part is staying on the coast, and we have two kids to feed, SF is farther than we want to go.