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Feb 5, 2013 03:18 PM

Birthday Dinner in BK 2/9 - need suggestions please

I need help please: was going to have a birthday dinner at Court St Grocers on 2/9 but had a bunch of cancellations and am now searching for an alternative. Was thinking thinking Do or Dine but am not sure after reading the reviews. I was hoping for something a bit more fun or unique than just going out to dinner but I welcome any and all suggestions, please.

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  1. Got a preferred neighborhood or cuisine?

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      Guess I left out some details huh? Am open to just about any hood in brooklyn outside of williamsburg/greenpoint. there are 10 people and should be able to accommodate a veg/fish eater and a gluten allergy but I feel like most places should, no? price point, i'm guessing 20-30 an entree should be doable