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Feb 5, 2013 02:48 PM

32Ice Bar - S. Asheville?

Any south Asheville hounds have more info about this?? It is located on Airport Rd. next to Acropolis (same people, I believe).

Just saw it advertised in my local junk mail (snail mail) and was poking around the internet to find out more. they have a website and Facebook page. I guess they tried to get it open for Super Bowl Sunday, but that didn't happen. Opening imminently?

Other than the odd location for something "urban chic" (my term, not theirs), I have to say, it piqued my curiosity. If they can pull off the loungey thing, it might work. (am assuming the "gallery" only contains stock template photos


I guess what I'm wondering is how the two worlds will coexist - cool space/bar idea with super casual pizza joint (it would appear the food is coming from Acropolis - we love their pizza, but only when we're looking for your basic pepperoni type pie).

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  1. Saw pics on their website today. They updated their "gallery" on the website. They are finally open apparently.

    Sadly, it doesn't look like the urban chic loungy squishy seating, dark cornered nooks type of place I was hoping for. Has your run of the mill sports bar feel with some cool touches - literally.

    Anyone been that can elaborate?