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Feb 5, 2013 02:37 PM


Has anyone been to Circolo? If so, please share your thoughts.

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  1. We've been there twice, and liked it a lot. Very well made and tasty Italian food. Not red sauce. And no squirts of balsamic glaze.

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    1. re: DavyTheFatBoy

      Thank-you for your reply. How was the space?

      1. re: Teresanap

        The space was fine, comfortable and friendly service. Big bar at the front might get noisy, but we sat toward the rear and smiled at the chef in the somewhat open kitchen.

    2. Love the relaxed low key vibe with delicious Italian dishes. Simple, and well executed fish, meat and homemade pastas make me eager to go back for more. Definitely making this my new neighborhood spot.