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Feb 5, 2013 01:26 PM

El Pollo Regio and/or Best Mexican Chicken

I started another thread on the Dallas page (and the Houston), but thought I'd ask on the overall Texas thread seeing that the best Mexican food I've eaten in the US was in Texas (my wife and I often confuse our vacation in Texas incorrectly with a vacation in Mexico).

Anyhow -- we loved this whole in the wall (literally a kitchen attached to a gas station) restaurant in Texas called El Pollo Regio.

Anyone know if they're still good?

Anyone have any other Mexican chicken recommendations?

We're planning a trip back to our favorite state and we'd love to sample some more amazing Mexican chicken.

Don't worry though -- our primary food source will be BBQ -- Mexican is for when my pants don't button up and I need more space for BBQ.

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  1. Curious... what kind of chicken are you talking about? Mexican BBQ chicken? Chicken smothered in mole poblano? Chicken enchiladas?

    1. I think this is a chain and yes it is good chicken. Marinated then grilled. Served with corn tortillas/rice/beans/grilled jalapeno.

      but what kicks it up are the sauces. Espcially the green sauce that is creamy yet spicy. Excelllent food for fast food. Better than most full service restos.

      1. Pollo Regio is still awesome.

        If you didn't get this rec already from the Houston folks - try Pollo Campero.