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Feb 5, 2013 01:21 PM

El Pollo Regio and/or Best Mexican Chicken

Hey Dallas Chowhounds,

I visited Texas a few years ago and had some sublime chicken at El Pollo Regio. I understand they've expanded into sort of a mini-chain and have received varying reviews subsequent.

I'm visiting again and am looking to revisit Regio, and perhaps try other places serving excellent Mexican chicken.

Any suggestions? Money is no object (LOL as a Brit regio cost me, for a huge meal, the equivalent of a small fries as McDs).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I had an opportunity the other day to have lunch at El Pollo Regio on Beltline in Carrollton.

    Other than the low price of my meal and the excellent condiment bar, I was totally unimpressed with the small size of the chicken pieces I was served. The taste of the chicken was ok but, it certainly wasn't memorable.

    I much prefer the Guatemalan style chicken and sides served at the Pollo Campero restaurants.