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Feb 5, 2013 12:56 PM

John Mueller Meat Co.

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  1. Just saw this and was about to post myself :)

    Interesting, indeed. That's definitely a better location; I hope he gets to enjoy a little revenge/redemption. Best of luck!

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    1. re: popvulture

      I guess hes not going to jail after all, eh?

      That's a worse location, IMO.

      I heard about this a few weeks ago and tried to research it, but all I could find links to some incomprehensible Twitter remarks (which just solidifies my attitude towards twitter). Twitter needs to Die.

    2. Well, at least he's tenacious...Now, if he can quit pissing people off...

        1. Wasn't he cooking for someone else? Seems like given his issues that might be the best path. Stay away from the business side of business and just cook the meat.

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          1. re: Rptrane

            He was supposedly at the Shiner Restaurant and Bar in late November but that must have been yet another short-lived way-point.

          2. Great news! I guess the Shiner gig was just temporary?