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John Mueller Meat Co.

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  1. Just saw this and was about to post myself :)

    Interesting, indeed. That's definitely a better location; I hope he gets to enjoy a little revenge/redemption. Best of luck!

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      I guess hes not going to jail after all, eh?

      That's a worse location, IMO.

      I heard about this a few weeks ago and tried to research it, but all I could find links to some incomprehensible Twitter remarks (which just solidifies my attitude towards twitter). Twitter needs to Die.

    2. Well, at least he's tenacious...Now, if he can quit pissing people off...

        1. Wasn't he cooking for someone else? Seems like given his issues that might be the best path. Stay away from the business side of business and just cook the meat.

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            He was supposedly at the Shiner Restaurant and Bar in late November but that must have been yet another short-lived way-point.

          2. Great news! I guess the Shiner gig was just temporary?

            1. Yes, very happy to see this!

              1. Just a reminder, they open in only 9 hours. I went there thsi weekend for a private party and everything was as good as it gets. The biggest surprise was the boudin sausage. I've never had a boudin that I liked but this stuff was very fantastic. A nice addition to the rest of the usual lineup (maybe too spicy for some but I thought it was just right).


                1. Opening moved to Saturday 23.

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                    I guess I should have checked before I opened my big mouth :-)


                  2. We eagerly arrived at 10:30 to a long line wrapping its way from the trailer to well outside the gate. By 11:30 we had moved only about 20 feet and had to leave because we didn't have the anticipated 2 more hours free to drink free lonestar (would that we could have, though). I walked around inside to spy the offerings and talk to strangers - uniformly high enthusiasm for the classic JM cue. No Boudin though, Sqwertz. Maybe that was a special party item? Sorry for the "I didn't eat there" report, but was happy to see the love. We went down the road a bit to Live Oak and disappointingly the pork steak was dry (at 11:30?), the beef sausage link had a bone bit in every damn bite, and our clothes and hair smelled all day as if we camped all night next to a post oak fire pit. I didn't mind that so much, but I don't like breaking teeth on sausage for pete's sake.

                    1. stopped by today. with the wind and chilly weather there were only a handful ahead of us in line. Disappointed in the brisket... not well seasoned and not great. it wasn't bad, but my expectations were pretty high. not up to franklin standards today. the beef and pork ribs were very good though.